By: Randall L. Carpenter on Sunday, 21 June 2020

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Inspirational Writing for June 21, 2020 Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day. I have written something for all the fathers this morning. May your love for your children always shine through, even for those who may not realize how much you love them.

A Father’s Prayer

Lord, make me loving in my words,
consistent in my actions,
and fair in my judgments.
Help me to see what I need to see,
not see what I want to see.
Make my greatest example to my children be my life,
and my words of advice be seen in me.
Forgive my weaknesses in judgment,
and let them be few in number.
Help me, O Lord, to lead when needed,
and follow when it teaches my children.
I know through your loving grace
I have been given my children to love.
Let them always know my love and embrace,
as I have always known yours.
Thank you for choosing me to be their father.
These things I pray in your name,

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