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Bobbi Phelps Wolverton grew up in Darien, Connecticut, forty miles from New York City. She joined the airline industry after graduating from Pine Manor College and Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. She joined World Airways after working as a secretary in San Francisco.

In 1967 Bobbi travelled solo around the world and returned to complete her education at the University of California, Berkeley. She then rejoined the charter airline industry, working for Saturn Airways.

With a degree in art history, Bobbi worked as a photographer and copywriter. From knowledge gained by her employment at Sierra Designs, she started the Angler’s Calendar and Catalog Company in 1975. The calendars sold to thirty foreign countries and her business won Exporter of the Year for the State of Idaho (1993 small company category).

Bobbi was a twenty-year member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, an Arnold Gingrich award recipient with the International Federation of Fly Fishers, and a nine-year Idaho board member to The Nature Conservancy. She continues to write periodic travel series in The Connection, a Lenoir City newspaper in Tennessee.

Her writing career begins with the book Behind the Smile. Future writings will be about her eighteen-month trip around the world and about her life as a city girl living on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, many miles from Twin Falls, Idaho.

Bobbi is currently the President of AGT.


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Books by Bobbi Phelps Wolverton

Interview with Author Bobbi Phelps

How did you come to write Behind the Smile during the Glamour Years of Aviation?

As a flight attendant, I always told tales about my international adventures when I returned to the States. The listeners constantly encouraged me to write a book. I joined a memoir class at our local library and learned how to put those harrowing stories into the written word.

Where did you get the title?

When we were going through flight attendant training, we were encouraged to always smile. Our airline wanted their passengers to have pleasant experiences, and we were to show them that we were happy and accommodating on every flight. Behind the scenes of a flight attendant during those wonderful years of working in the air, however, were not always as they seemed. Some incidents were impressive and extravagant while others were terrifying and shocking.

Tell us about your next book

My next book is titled, Life’s Too Short. It’s a creative nonfiction memoir about my 18-month trip around the world: backpacking, flyfishing, and exploring. Some of my experiences included climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya, having my hand threatened to be cut off in Iran, and being charged by a lion in South Africa. During this venture, I also flyfished from Lapland above the Arctic Circle to the tip of New Zealand’s South Island and most places in between.

Where can one buy Behind the Smile?

Behind the Smile is available from Amazon, at some Barnes and Noble locations, and (for a signed copy) from my website: www.bobbiphelpswolverton.com. It is also available as an eBook on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, Apple iBooks, Copia, Baker & Taylor, Gardner, eSentral, Scribd, and PagePusher.

My Latest Blogs & News

21 December 2016


February 16, 2016. Tuesday.Rotary at Turkey Creek. Farragut, TN. 5:30 pm.

February 25, 2016. Thursday.P.E.O.  Farragut, TN.  11 am.

March 10, 2016. Thursday.Farragut High School, Farragut, TN. 12:30 pm.

March 28, 2016. Monday.Vietnam Vets of America, Crossville, TN. 5 pm.

March 31, 2016. Thursday.Tellico Village Library Fundraiser, First Baptist, TN. 7 pm.

April 7, 2016. Thursday.Authors Guild, Farragut Library, Farragut, TN. 11:30 am.

April 19, 2016. Tuesday.Bookworm Club, The Villages, FL. 9:30 am.

April 30, 2016. Saturday.Retired Eastern Flight Attendants, The Villages, FL. 2 pm.

May 20, 2016. Friday.Stewardesses 60s & 70s, Holiday Inn, Nashville, TN. 5 pm.

June 4, 2016. Saturday.Arts & Crafts Fair, Lenoir City, TN. 2 pm.

June 15, 2016. Wednesday.Farmers Market, Yacht Club, Tellico Village, TN. 9 am.

June 22, 2016.  Wednesday.Writers Group of Knoxville, Bearden, TN.  11 am.

August 20, 2016. Saturday.Vietnam Vets of America, Kingsport, TN. 10 am.

August 27, 2016. Saturday.Union Ave. Bookstore, Knoxville, TN.  11 am - 3 pm.

September 10, 2016. Saturday.Cades Cove Cellars, Townsend, TN. 2 – 5 pm.

September 19, 2016. Monday.Darien Public Library, Darien, CT.  3 pm.

September 20, 2016. Tuesday.Lapham Center, New Canaan, CT.  1:30 pm.

September 21, 2016. Wednesday.Rotary, Norwalk Inn, Norwalk, CT. 12:15 pm.

September 21, 2016, Wednesday.P.E.O., Westport, CT. 5 pm.

October 1, 2016. Saturday. World Airways Reunion, Oakland, CA. 5 pm.

October 11, 2016. Tuesday.P.E.O., Eagle, Idaho. 7 pm.

October 13, 2016. Thursday.Wine and Books, Buhl, Idaho. 5 pm.

October 15, 2016. Saturday.Saturn Airlines Reunion, Dixon, CA.  5 pm.

November 4, 2016. Friday.Tellico Village Library, Loudon, TN.  10 am.

November 18, 2016. Friday.D.A.R., Visitors Center, Lenoir City, TN. 10:30 am.

December 3, 2016. Saturday.Senior Activities Center, Westport, CT. 1 – 2:30 pm.

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16 June 2016
Tips & Hints

I read in one of my writing magazines about attending a farmer's market.  Yesterday I attended the farmer's market in Tellico Village at the Yacht Club.  It took me 15 minutes to set up.  I had a folding table, folding chair, metal rack, and books.  I could park either in my designated spot or close by.

It is open each Wednesday in the summer from 9 to noon.  In that time, I sold 11 books, was asked to speak at two book clubs, and had three future buyers.

There is NO COST and you can cancel at any time according to your schedule or weather.  You just show up and start selling. The earlier you go, the better spot you'll have.  I arrived at 8 am with a cup of coffee and a breakfast bar.

Is there anyone who would like join me for next week, Wednesday, June 22nd? Let me know.

Check out your own town's market.  Some charge a yearly fee, some charge per time, and some are free. Let AGT know what you found out so we can participate if we want to.

I was very pleasantly surprised at my response.

The book racks sell at Displays2go.com and are a great source for relatively inexpensive type of display.

At Walmart they have the folding tables and a tent. The tent was only $50 but I had a space in the shade of a large tree.

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