Authors Guild of Tennessee is a group of about fifty published authors who live in East Tennessee. Many of our stories are set in this area, reflecting either its present-day culture or its history.

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Mission Statement: To celebrate Tennessee’s rich literary tradition through opportunities for people to get to know authors more personally, discover details about their books, and find inspiration through their challenges and successes, which ultimately strengthens a desire to read while also serving as a vital catalyst for our authors to continue writing and selling their books.


Our August program features Authors Guild of Tennessee author Carol McClain in a Zoom meeting at 11:00 this Thursday August 6. Her program will be Going Out in Style–Watch Your Words. Carol will look at how effective word choice enhances your writing.

Carol says she and her husband Neil moved to East Tennessee because they wanted to live in a warmer, less restrictive state with four seasons. “His cousin is a realtor here, so the mountains, the atmosphere and climate brought us here.”

“My heart and calling is in education. I now am able to still work in my field as a clinical supervisor for WGU.”

“I work with stained glass, and in clay. I love to explore the mountains with friends. My life in Tennessee would be perfect if I could convince my stubborn family to join me.”

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The Featured Author for the month of August is Dr. Leoma Gilley

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