Authors Guild of Tennessee is a group of about fifty published authors who live in East Tennessee. Many of our stories are set in this area, reflecting either its present-day culture or its history.

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Mission Statement: To celebrate Tennessee’s rich literary tradition through opportunities for people to get to know authors more personally, discover details about their books, and find inspiration through their challenges and successes, which ultimately strengthens a desire to read while also serving as a vital catalyst for our authors to continue writing and selling their books.


Our October meeting will be via Zoom on October 1, 2020. NOTE: We will meet from 3:00 – 4:00 to accommodate our speaker who is in California. You may join ahead of time if you aren’t sure you can connect.

Our October meeting will feature marketing guru, Fauzia Burke, best-selling author of Online Marketing for Busy Authors, a step by step guide, which has been praised by hundreds of authors as a blueprint to marketing their books. Ms. Fauzia has operated her company, FSB Associates, for 25 years which has been engaged in the Internet marketing of books, exclusively. 
Two years ago she started a website platform business to help authors build their own website. 
Ms. Burke will be speaking to us on developing tools like graphics, videos, and content in order to mount a successful publicity campaign to sell  books. She tailors her business, her talks, and her seminars to assist new and independent authors, primarily, as they are most in need of leveraging their skills to result in higher sales.
Our October business meeting will commence at 3:00 to accommodate Ms. Burke who is headquartered in California.

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The Featured Genre for the month of October is Science Fiction / Fantasy

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