Authors Guild of Tennessee is a group of about fifty published authors who live in East Tennessee. Many of our stories are set in this area, reflecting either its present-day culture or its history.

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Mission Statement: To support, encourage, and facilitate our members in their writing projects, and to promote their work on social media, at fairs, festivals, book signing events, and in local retail stores.

AGT meeting, July 11, 2019

Davis Shoulders, Event Organizer of Union Avenue books, was our featured speaker. In his talk, Davis described the operations of an independent bookstore, how it stays relevant to the community, and the place of local authors in their inventory. A principle aspect of his job is to arrange several authors’ book signings every month. Union has expanded into a second space and boasts a variety of books by  local and regional authors along with a broad selection of works by national writers.

Davis was formerly the manager of Politics and Prose book store in Washington, D.C. We appreciated his advice for submitting and marketing our books in independent book stores such as Union.


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The Featured Genre for the month of July is Science Fiction / Fantasy

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