By: Randall L. Carpenter on Saturday, 04 July 2020

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Inspirational Writing for July 4, 2020 Happy 4th of July



Today, I celebrate my 6th year of writing my inspirational thoughts. I have written 2183 individual writings in the past six years. When I started on July 4, 2014, I had no idea I would keep writing for so long. I have made many new friends and reconnected with many old friends. You are the reason I keep writing every day. If I have touched your heart, your life, or your circumstances in life, I feel I am the one who is blessed to have had that opportunity. Have a safe and Happy 4th of July.


“In life, it’s possible to touch someone without ever touching them. We do so through our kindness, respect, and acknowledgement of each other. When we reach out to someone through our words or actions, we tell them how important they are to us.”


  • Laura Derr says:

    Congratulations on this epic achievement! Your daily thoughts continue to touch lives and give encouragement. Keep up the inspired work!

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