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The lowercase letter t from alphabet soup is rejected. He journeys his way around Tennessee to find his place leading a crowd of adoring fans as an upper case letter T in the world's largest bowl of alphabet soup.
Category: Horror and Fantasy Hits: 22
So you think your job is dull? Routine? A dead end? Well, my friend – Dust off your resume, grab a pen and open these pages to see if any of These ‘Dark Possibilities’ of job opportunities may interest you: A hair salon where displaying hair designs is done in…
Most vampires like the 'Night-Life Party' scenes, thrive in dangerous situations, or get their thrills by weaving boldly in and out of the human society. Not Homer Chao. He lives happily under the radar and among those he feels comfortable with - the homeless, the disenchanted, those who are either…
Category: Christian Fiction / Adults Hits: 88
God places Kairos moments in our lives to change our perspectives. These opportune moments spring up at just the right time as God moves through our lives, revealing the people, paths, and experiences that we need in that season. God has the ultimate timing, and this is how he provides…
A collection of six crime stories that take you on a trip through the more off-beat regions of law enforcement.
What happens when millions of tiny minds find a way to work together? At what point do they become one? At what point are they no longer merely machinery, but actually alive?
Category: Biography / History Hits: 194
What’s this book about? It's about TRUTH. According to the Internet and the media, the Founding Fathers were deists and atheists.That is NOT TRUE. The Historical Record is clear: The Signers of the Declaration of Independence, an exemplar of the Founding Fathers, were, for the most part, men of religious…
Donna Habib's mother and father were an unlikely pair ... an American southern belle and a tribal prince from Jordan. How they came together and forged a lasting union creating an amazing, unique family of blended traditions, religious practices, clothing and cuisine - and filled it with love - is…
Category: Poetry Hits: 202
Like my preceding five books, Elements of Chance contains 'science flavored' poems. The theme focuses on the principle of causality -- the belief that something happens because another thing causes it to happen. This is, In short, a cornerstone concept in science: we live in a world of cause and…
Category: Religion / Spiritual Hits: 196
A Promise Fulfilled is a collection of short inspirational writings and devotionals of faith, hope, and love that make you realize that life is entirely about these three things. When you make yourself vulnerable to God, you accept a faith in something greater than yourself that fills you with hope…
Category: Christian Fiction / Adults Hits: 247
God continually calls to us: “Come away with me to the Secret Place” Destiny’s Journey is one woman’s real life story about how Father God continued to speak to her from early in life, to draw her and minister to her. He brought her out of a life of being…

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