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Below are AGT authors available to speak to your group. If you are interested in one of these programs, please fill out the SPEAKER REQUEST form below.

Stephen Lyn Bales

SUBJECT: Stephen Lyn Bales is a natural historian and author. He has written three books on natural history for UT Press and over 600 magazine and newspaper articles and columns in the past 25 years.

DESCRIPTION: His topics include:

  • Natural Histories. Plants and animals with interesting connections to our own human history.
  • Ghost Birds. A period piece from the 1930s and the time when wildlife biologists started trying to save vanishing species.
  • Ephemeral by Nature. A closer look at plants and animals that pass through our day-to-day lives and then are gone.
  • Wonderful Life. A collection of vignettes about remarkable plants and animals that the author has written about in the past 25 years.
  • The Wonder of Hummingbirds. A detailed look at the remarkable lives of nature’s speedsters: ruby-throated hummingbirds.

LENGTH OF PRESENTATION: The talks are roughly 45 minutes long.

FEE & EXPENSES: His speaking fee for local groups is $50 to $100. Out of town bookings are $100 or more depending on the distance.


Sam Bledsoe

SUBJECT: Should We Be Worried About Climate Change?

DESCRIPTION: What we must do now to mitigate the effects of Climate Change, how long we have before we see devastating damage, and what kinds of people will be most impacted by it.

LENGTH OF PRESENTATION: 20 minutes to 1 hour

FEE & EXPENSES: Travel expenses and ability to sell books

AREA AVAILABLE: Within one hour of Knoxville, Tennessee

Sonja DuBois

SUBJECT: My story of being a child survivor of the Holocaust, during and after World War II

LENGTH OF PRESENTATION: My power point photo presentation is 30 minutes.

FEE & EXPENSES: If the presentation is out of Knoxville, mileage is 50 cents per mile.  There is no speaker fee.

CONTACT: ronson1@att.net. Books are available at $15.00

Jim Farmer

SUBJECT: Humorous subjects in my 9 books illustrated by Charlie Daniel


FEE & EXPENSES: no fee

AREA AVAILABLE: within 100 miles (ie., Chattanooga)

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