Speaker Request

Below are AGT authors available to speak to your group. If you are interested in one of these programs, please fill out the SPEAKER REQUEST form below.

1. Sam Bledsoe

SUBJECT:  Should We Be Worried About  Climate Change?

DESCRIPTION:  What we must do now to mitigate the effects of Climate Change, how long we have before we see devastating damage, and what kinds of people will be most impacted by it.

LENGTH OF PRESENTATION:  20 minutes to 1 hour

FEE:  Travel expenses and ability to sell books

AREA AVAILABLE:  Within one hour of Knoxville, Tennessee

2. Sonja DuBois

SUBJECT: My story of being a child survivor of the Holocaust, during and after World War II

LENGTH OF PRESENTATION: My power point photo presentation is 30 minutes.

FEE:  If the presentation is out of Knoxville, mileage is 0.50.  per mile.  There is no speakers fee.
contact: ronson1@att.net
Books are available at $15.00

3. Jim Farmer

SUBJECT: Humorous subjects in my 9 books illustrated by Charlie Daniel


FEE & EXPENSES: no fee

AREA AVAILABLE: within 100 miles (ie., Chattanooga)