Meeting Minutes

Minutes for April 4, 2019 AGT meeting

Minutes for AGT meeting, April 4, 2019

The Authors Guild of Tennessee met on April 4, 2019 at Faith Lutheran Church, Farragut, Tennessee. The meeting was called to order by President Cheryl Peyton at 12:07

The following members were present: Ken Johnson, Cheryl Peyton, Kaye George, Tish Pritchett, Carol McClain, Cyn Taylor, Darlene Underwood, Denise Sherriff, Fuss Fine, Tilmer Wright, Laura Derr, Bobbi Chapman, Danielle Asher, Donna Habib, Jerry Morton, Sam Bledsoe, Don Pardue, Randall Carpenter

Guests present were: Sherry Fine

March minutes. Correction made on the spelling of Falchion award. Any other corrections?  Accepted.

Treasurer’s report (Jim Hartsell) $800.70 ending balance because several major events for registration had to be paid and a memorial for Stephanie. Balance will come up when people reimburse registration.

President’s report (Cheryl Peyton)

Remembrance of Stephanie McElligott who passed away on March 6. The Board made a memorial donation to the Dominican Literary Center. Aurora, Ill. This Center helps people obtain their citizenship.

Cheryl suggested taking Stephanie’s books to the fall festivals.

Awarding of prize for most books read and reviewed. ($25 Amazon gift certificate) Won by ___Cyn Taylor____ who read and reviewed ____12_______ books for the first quarter.

Vocabulary quiz confusables: canvas,/canvass; discrete/discreet; palate/ palette; stationery/stationary; founder/flounder; infer/imply

Brief updates from the following Committee Chairs

Events Chair (Danielle Asher) Policies to help get things moving better: Coordinator will email and post events. Non-response means you’re not interested. Commitment is when cost is determined. Pay if you committed to the event even if you have to drop out. Treasurer collects fees and informs Event Coordinator. If you can find a replacement if you can’t make the event, that person can take your place.

Library Chair (Laura Derr) Thanks Carol for covering. She will track down the tote. It didn’t come in today.

Marketing, website, training (Sam Bledsoe) November 1 is National Author’s Day. The Marketing Committee will play on that. It’s First Friday in Knoxville and the committee will play on that. Will have media coverage and book signings, etc.

Membership (Kaye George) Jarred Jackson is a new member. A few others are in the works.

Publicity Chair (Cyn Taylor) nothing

Newsletter (Nadine Richmond) EZine is out. Nadine did an outstanding job.

Announcements? Jim Hartsell launched his podcast. Using Jerry’s notes, recorded podcast. Used Garage Band via Mac. Don’t use computer mic; he used a USB mic. Pod Bean showed up as the number 1 on a search–$9 a month. –this is Jerry’s podcast

Dick Cross reports he has lung cancer. This is his last session. He will donate all his books to AGT. Whatever money comes in from books goes to the AGT.

Marketing Report:

Most people use Facebook.

We’re trying to build audiences. It’s digital word of mouth.


  1. Build a community
  2. Search engine
  3. Target your market
  4. 2 billion active users
  5. Networking without leaving house
  6. Lifeline to readers
  7. Huge marketing tool; you reach more people
  8. Gives readers insight into your life. They trust you more.
  9. 1 in 4 fb users checks account 5 or more times daily
  10. More unique visitors than all social media combined
  11. Leading source to finding websites
  12. Don’t glorify yourself all the time.
  13. Email Jody for her facebook ideas

You’ll love our stories– Our proposed new slogan. Vote taken: 15 for, 2 not in favor of quotations and period.

Program: Cheryl introduced subject of Marketing Committee’s presentation:

AGT’s Facebook Page – There’s Much to Like.

Meeting adjourned at: _____________. Next meeting: May 2.