Meeting Minutes

Minutes for AGT Meeting: October 4, 2018

The Authors Guild of Tennessee met on October 4, 2018 at Faith Lutheran Church, Farragut, Tennessee.  The meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. by President Bobbi Chapman.


The following twenty-four members were present:  Danielle Asher, Sam Bledsoe, Bobbi Chapman, Dick Cross, Laura Derr, Jody Dyer, Russell Fine, Linda Fitzpatrick, Kaye George, Donna Habib, Jim Hartsell, Ken Johnson, Walter Lambert, Cindy Leihkauff, Carol McClain, Stephanie McElligott, Joan McIntee, Jerry Morton, Cheryl Peyton, Denise Sheriff, Ray Strobo, Cyn Taylor, Darlene Underwood, and Tilmer Wright.


Guests present were Eddie Shipstad, Glen Cada, Jim McIntee, and Sherry Fine.

Joan McIntee made a special introduction of guest, Eddie Shipstad and he spoke to the group about his father, one of the co-founders of the Ice Follies.  Eddie Shipstad is currently writing a documentary about the “rags to riches” story of the origins of the Ice Follies.


September Minutes:    Joan McIntee moved to accept the corrected September minutes.  The motion was seconded by Sam Bledsoe. The motion to accept the minutes passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  As of July 1, AGT’s balance was $2443.22. As of August 1, AGT’s balance was $2359.69. As of September 1, AGT’s balance was $2411.41. As of October 1, AGT’s balance was $2190.95.   Cyn Taylor moved to accept the quarterly report. The motion was seconded by Russ Fine.  The motion to accept the Treasurer’s report passed.


President’s Report:  The possibility of printing hard copies of AGT’s ezine, the BOOKSHELF, was discussed.  Utilizing color printers at the public library in Knoxville was suggested as an option to address this need.

Author and book presentations at the Lenior City Library will occur every Monday beginning November 5. This event will start at 10:30 a.m.  Bobbi Chapman will make the first presentation.  Interested AGT members may contact Susan Dorsey by email:

AGT members were invited to attend the AGT Board meeting immediately following the regular meeting.

Bobbi noted that the library copy of her book, Black Empress, is still missing.


Library Report:   Jim Hartsell reported that this is the third month of a new system. Members are advised

to bring their books to meetings to be checked out. Members who check out books are expected to write

a review of the book and return the book to the next monthly meeting. If a book is not checked out,

the author will take their book/books home and brings to the next meeting. The Library Committee will

inventory books left behind until the next meeting.


Marketing Committee: AGT members are reminded that the cost for magnetic bumper stickers is $4.00.

Sam Bledsoe announced that Knoxville City and Knox County will be issuing a proclamation in honor of AGT on November 1, from 10:00 a.m. until noon at Knoxville Bearden Library to commemorate National Authors Day. AGT will not be able to sell books at this event. The AGT monthly meeting will follow and there will be no program. AGT members were reminded to read the third edition of the Bookshelf edited by Nadine Richmond.

Sam Bledsoe reported that the new website is up and running, but some issues are still being worked on regarding changes to the site.


Membership / Vetting Committee:  Stephanie McElligott requested that any committee wishing to contribute helpful information to new AGT members, submit this information to the vetting committee in order that it be included in the welcome packet.


Retail Committee:  Cheryl reported on the reopening of the retail store, Knox Candle, which is now located at 725 S. Gay Street in Knoxville. AGT books have been restocked and this new location houses a reading room.  Regarding the retail store in Dandrige, Cheryl informed AGT members that Russ would oversee this location.




Information on book signing and selling events is as follows:


  1. A book signing and presentation each “non-holiday” Monday at 10:30 a.m. beginning November 5. Contact Susan Dorsey, former AGT member, at
  2. October 5-6 is Midland Plaza Fall Event in Alcoa. J C Morrow is the contact for this event. This opportunity has yielded good sales in past years. Four members have signed up to participate.
  3. October 6 is the Lion’s Club outdoor Classic Car event. Cost is $40 for 2 spaces. Nine people have signed up for a fee of $5 each. This event is from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at First Baptist Church in Concord, 11704 Kingston Pike.
  4. November 9-11 is Christmas Fair at Expo Center in Knoxville. This event attracts a substantial crowd. AGT participants will work in shifts. Ten members have signed up. Because of the high level of expense for this venue, members are urged to sign up to make this event more affordable.
  5. Jody Dyer reminded us of Pellissippi State Writers Workshop on November 3 at the Strawberry Plains campus. This is an opportunity to encourage young writers.


Publicity: Cyn Taylor needs information from new members to issue press releases. Her email is:


Announcements:    Joan McIntee won first prize for Needle Arts at the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center County Fair.   The Farragut Press featured Donna Habib in a front-page article including photos.  Don Pardue and Joan McIntee are facing some physical challenges. Please keep them in your prayers.


Program: Jerry Morton shared his journey of learning how to produce podcast recordings.  With candor and humor, Jerry gave an overview of the process he used to generate his 54 podcasts.  His process included getting back-up support and obtaining good equipment including a computer, microphone, and software.  Jerry uses an apple product, GarageBand.  He also noted that the process required a great deal of editing and picking a distributor.  Jerry provided a printed handout titled, Podcast101, Creating and Hosting an Audio Podcast.


Next Meeting:  November 1, Thursday, at Bearden Public Library. We will be honoring the National Authors Day and the County Mayor will issue a proclamation, Ten a.m. to Noon.

The October meeting was adjourned at 12:20.

Respectfully submitted by Cindy Leihkauff, Secretary.