Meeting Minutes

Minutes for August 2019 AGT meeting

The Authors Guild of Tennessee met on August 1, 2019 at Faith Lutheran Church, Farragut, Tennessee. In the absence of President Cheryl Peyton, the meeting was called to order by past President Bobbi Chapman at 11:05 am.

The following 16 members were present:  Russ Fine (left 10:30), Carol McClain, Kaye George, Nan Klee, Cyn Taylor, Don Pardue, Walter Lambert, Lyn Neilans, Bobbi Chapman, Jim Hartsell, Ray Strobo, Mary Gaines, Nadine Richmond, Jody Sims, Linda Shephard, and Linda Fitzpatrick.

July minutes. Stand as written.

Treasurer’s report by Jim Hartsell. All money should be sent to Randall Carpenter. Our July budget started with $1472.80. We ended with $1460.40.

Library books missing: Choke, Senoobians, Father and Sister Radish, Eine Kleine Murder, Blue Mountain Sky, Polyester Thread, Lessons for Life, Bintorga Tree, Black Empress.

Brief updates from the following Committee Chairs

Marketing, Jody Sims reported on National Authors Day plans. Call for entries for National Authors Day. Jody Sims has the forms and they’re online. She has all the information. She’s looking for sponsors regarding author’s day.

The Author’s Page didn’t air one Sunday. Schedule will be bumped forward. Contact Jody with any questions.

Membership. Kaye George announced new members. Three new members: Sonja DuBois, Mary Gaines, and Nan Klee.

Publicity Chair (Cyn Taylor) Cyn will check out why the announcement about our meetings is not getting published.

Retail: (Bobbi Chapman)   We might be losing a store in Maryville. Will contact other sites. We have gained a new store: 5th Street Market in Crossville. Lyn will take the bookcase and books to Crossville on Friday.


Bobbi introduced our speaker, AGT member, Lyn Neilans, who had a home publishing business with her husband John. Lyn discussed professional formatting and appropriate cover selection to maximize sales. Lyn was one of the founding members of AGT. Her company has published 50 titles; however, she’s now retired. Formatting is important in the sale of books. Her suggestions:  1.  Title page on right hand side. 2.  The font should match or relate to the cover title. 3.  The copyright page goes on the backside of the title page. It must include the copyright sign and who holds it and the date. ISBN number must be on the copyright page. The author/publisher must change the ISBN number when the cover/size/ etc., is changed. 4.  The Acknowledgement page should be on the righthand side as well as the Dedication Page.  5.  Photos should be at least 300 dpi.  6. Don’t start the chapters at the top of the page. Bring the chapter titles down two to four inches from the top. 7.  Page numbers usually start as Page two (following the chapter one title page). However, many publishers are now numbering the book on Page 4 (See Educated or Becoming). 8.  First paragraph of each chapter is not indented. 9.  If you do Kindle, keep drop caps off.


  1. Think about your cover as it relates to the front, spine and back. Should be appealing, consistent with the tone of your story. AGT logo on any book that has been accepted by the Author Guild. Otherwise, It has to be approved by the Guild. 2.  Don’t change your cover all the time. Series should coordinate.

Announcements:  Bobbi said 4-tier metal racks cost about $24 plus shipping. If you want AGT to order display rack, let her know. We need 5 to gain a discount.

Meeting adjourned at: 11:57 am. Next meeting: September 5, 2019