I wanted to let you know that I have a new science fiction book coming out sometime this year. This is a jump start on the launch because my publisher likes to do things fast. For instance, here is the cover already (No blurb on the back, but it will be there). Not sure when the editor and I will get together. This one is an adult sci fi, kind of in the tradition of the old masters, Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton, Clifford Simak, and others. It deals with the discovery of a hidden, abandoned alien base on the moon. Will the wonderful technological marvels lead to adventure or death? This one is coming from World Castle.

I also heard from my children’s publisher with the status of Billy Bob Flybottom. It is getting the final illustrations and the cover finalized and then she will have ARC’s printed. I am very excited about this one, too.  I will show off David Barrow’s cute illustrations when I get them. This one will be from Doodle and Peck.

I will put more news here when it comes or on my website www.bookscape.net

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Natural Histories: Stories from the Tennessee Valley (Outdoor Series)

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