Gene Berryhill

New Member of Authors Guild of Tennessee

G. Gene Berryhill, Ph.D., Fulbright scholar, has been a professor of art and art history for over 30 years at universities in this country, including in California, Hawaii, New York, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, as well as at universities abroad in Germany, Bulgaria, and China.

Gene’s first book, Ripples from the Holler, was published in 2023. As Historical Fiction, Gene has drawn on the extraordinary adventures of her ancestors, who were part Cherokee, as they survived trials and hardships from the early 1800s to the early 1900s out West and in Tennessee. The stories weave their activities with those of Tennessee hill folk, the effects of the Great Depression in the area, Civil War tragedies, and Indian battles that raged across the plains and woodlands.

As Gene explains on her back book cover, “It was a leap of faith from city life and extensive travel to focus on her love for American history, Tennessee, country living, and her kin—past and present.”

Today, Gene lives in Gallatin and Monroe, Tennessee, with her husband Bob.