Meeting Minutes

November 2022

November 3, 2022 meeting


The Authors Guild of Tennessee held their monthly meeting at Faith Lutheran Church in Farragut. The social time and library book exchange began at 10:30 a.m. The official business meeting began at 11:00.


The following members were present:

Arlene Anderson, Bill Barbour, Linda Best, Sam Bledsoe, Randy Carpenter, Bobbi Chapman, David Curran,  Laura Derr,  Russell Fine, Jim Hartsell, Wes Hibbert, Morris Hudgins, Jerry Morton, Kathy Parr, Cheryl Peyton, and Curt Young.



Sherry Fine, Di Maroukian, Kevin Connors, Ken Johnson, and Gary Wells


Welcome – Cheryl.


Program: Cheryl introduced former AGT member, Jody Dyer, owner of Crippled Beagle Publishing.

Jody opened her talk by saying that she helps authors of all levels, with the four stages of developing a book: Writing, Editing, Publishing, and Marketing either individually or in her classes. She had previously sent a class schedule for the first half of 2023 which has been emailed to all AGT members. In addition, Jody’s workbook has been emailed to our group to review all of Jody’s services regarding writing a book.

Jody advised that she likes to help someone who has not yet started their book to preview multiple decisions to map out before beginning. She charges a small fee for this service as a means of gauging interest, saying that she’s found people are more appreciative of a service if they need to pay for it, even a modest cost.

Jody passed around handouts titled, “Who’s the Boss of your Book?” which asks about 15 questions of the potential author regarding who is their reader, ie., Age? Male or female? Religion? What problems may they be trying to solve? and what is their life experience?

Jody next passed out a handout titled “Five Steps to Start Writing the Story of Your Life,” saying that everyone has a story to write about themselves and their experiences. She followed up with a handout on her Legacy Writing Club, which people sign up for to be on her email list to learn about classes as well as her suggestions for writing in this genre.  She considers emailing to be the best way to communicate as it is a one-on-one basis. It has proven to be the most profitable means of marketing as well,

Jody advised that she is available for any inquiries about classes or individual consultations in person, over the phone, or in a class setting. She passed out a list of her 2023 Writing Courses for the attending members to initial the classes they would be interested in. She said she is willing to come to Faith Lutheran Church an hour before our monthly meetings to teach the classes at a reduced rate of $50 per class, with a five-person minimum. Cheryl will follow up to make arrangements for these classes with AGT members and the church.

Business Meeting

October minutes: Minutes approved online. Cheryl noted that Leoma had received many compliments on the minutes.


Treasurer’s report: – Russ

Balance as of Oct. 1 was $ 1,747.90. Balance as of Oct. 31: $,539.16. Book sales income: $29.25 and $30.00 in cookbooks. (Cheryl advised that there were additional cash sales of $85 from The Café). Total amount of Payments to authors: $66.26. Expenses for Dii Graphics: $35.50. and Vista Print: $136.23. There are no outstanding payments>



Activity reports:


            Writing Contest: Writing Contest: Jerry Morton gave an update report on the contest AGT is sponsoring at the Lenoir City middle school and high school.  Barbara Dunn has made a generous contribution to the writing contest assisting in paying the costs of the program.


Jerry called on Bill Barbour, Arlene Anderson, and Kathy Parr to speak briefly on their talks to the writing class students, all of whom are participating in the contest. They found the students were interested in what they had to say and learned from their talks.


The next step in the contest is for the school to evaluate the papers and determine the three best.  In December or January, it will be known if any of the three winners wish to have an AGT member consult with them on entering their stories in other regional or national contests.


Fairs, Festivals, and signings:

Christmas Show Nov. 11, 12, and 13th. Nine participants. Cheryl reminded participants to park in the back of the Expo center and enter the one door in the back that is open for vendors, only.


Other Events:

  1. Tennessee Authors Meet ‘n Greet, Blount Cty. Library, Oct 22, 9:00 to after lunch. Cheryl reported that there were 52 authors present. The speaker was award-winning author, John McManus, originally from Maryville. It was good to meet and socialize with so many other authors. The public came out and purchased books.
  2. December Dinner Meeting – Cheryl will check with Mimi’s to reserve a room for Dec. 2nd.


Election in December: Nominees needed for the office of Vice President and one Board Member-at-Large, and nominees accepted for the office of Treasurer.

Awards:   Pat Crumpler won first place for Captive Attraction  by the Royal Palms Literary awards


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m. Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the evening of Dec.2  at  Mimi’s café, Turkey Creek.

Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Peyton, Secretary pro temp