Meeting Minutes

Minutes for AGT Meeting: Dec. 6, 2018

Minutes for AGT Meeting: December 6, 2018 The Authors Guild of Tennessee met on December 6, 2018 at the Faith Lutheran Church, Farragut, Tennessee. The meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. by President Bobbi Chapman.
The following​ ​26 members were present: Danielle Asher, Sam Bledsoe, Randall Carpenter, Bobbi Chapman, David Curran, Laura Derr, Jody Dyer, Russell Fine, Linda Fitzpatrick, Kaye George, BJ Gillum, Jim Hartsell, Sharon Higa, Walter Lambert, Cindy Leihkauff, Stephanie McElligott, Lyn Neilans, Don Pardue, Cheryl Peyton, Nadine Richmond, Adele Roberts, Denise Sherriff, Jody Sims, Ray Strobo, Darlene Underwood, and Eva Wike.

Guests attending the meeting included: Bobbi Pardue, Tish Pritchett, Elmore Richmond, Arlene Robinson, and Jim Wike. November Minutes​​:​​ Eva Wike moved to accept the November minutes. The motion was seconded by Russ Fine. The motion to accept the minutes passed.
Treasurer’s Report:​​ Russ Fine gave the November treasurer’s report. The balance of funds beginning on November 1, 2018, was $1,604.43. The ending balance as of November 30 was $1,950.40. David Curran moved to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented. Sam Bledsoe seconded the report. The motion to accept the report passed.

President’s Report:​​ The time for the first Monday book signing event at the Loudon County Library in Lenoir City begins at 10:30. Email Susan Dorsey to sign up: Members were reminded that yearly dues for the year 2019 must be turned in before December 31. The fee for dues has been reduced to $40 and checks should be made out to AGT and given or mailed to Randall Carpenter.

Vice President’s Report​​: ​​Cheryl Peyton announced the committee chairs for 2019.They are:
Directory and Tax Chair: ​​Bobbi Chapman Events Chair:​​ Danielle Asher Ezine Editor​​: Nadine Richmond Library Committee Chair:​​ Laura Derr Marketing Committee Chair​​: Sam Bledsoe Nominating Committee Chair:​​ Jody Dyer Program Committee Chair:​​ Sharon Higa Publicity Chair: ​​Cyn Taylor Radio Coordinator:​​ Jody Sims Retail Committee Chair:​​ Bobbi Chapman Vetting Committee Co-Chairs:​​ Kaye George and Darlene Underwood Website Liaisons:​​ Sam Bledsoe and Kaye George

Bobbi Chapman made a motion to accept the candidates as read by Cheryl Peyton. David Curran seconded the motion. The list of candidates was approved unanimously. Sam Bledsoe reminded members to send their social media links to him. He reminded members of the new AGT password, and instructed members, once logged in, to go to the Dashboard of the website and find the list of editing options listed on the left. Members are encouraged to manage their own editing of personal information. Sam Bledsoe and Cheryl Peyton presented a plaque to outgoing AGT President Bobbi Chapman. The honor was in commemoration for Bobbi’s four years of service as the organization’s President. Sam Bledsoe ​​proposed the following candidates for board membership after asking for nominations from the floor. The vote was taken and approved as follows:

President: ​​Cheryl Peyton Vice-President: ​​Jody Dyer Treasurer:​​ Jim Hartsell Assistant Treasurer:​​ Randall Carpenter Secretary:​​ Carol McClain Assistant Secretary:​​ Laura Derr Board Members-at-Large:​​ Tilmer Wright and Russ Fine Bookshelf Editor’s Report​​:​ Nadine reported that the ezine has over 165 subscribers. She sent out an email requesting AGT members to respond to the topic, “Why You Write.” Nadine also reminded members to send upcoming events to her to be included in the ezine.

Event Coordinator’s Report:​​ ​​Danielle Asher reminded members of the upcoming indoor event at Chilhowee on December 8​th​ and 9​th​. Other upcoming events of note included:1. February 2, 2019, Chocolate Festival at the World’s Fair Site. Members are asked to contact Danielle by January 3, if planning to participate.

2. March 16, 2019, West Town Mall. The standard fee per author is $110. Yvonne, the Mall coordinator, will allow AGT members to share a table if AGT buys 5 tables. With 10 authors, the fee will reduce to $55 per author or $5 per hour for the 11-hour day. A draped table and 2 chairs will be provided. This is an exclusive offer for AGT. To register, Danielle will email ​​ for invoicing. She will indicate that the authors registered are participating in the table-sharing program via the Authors Guild of Tennessee, and give the Saturday, March 16, date.

3. April 6, 2019, Farragut Children’s Books at Farragut Town Hall. The fee for this is $10.

4. April 26-28, 2019, Dogwood Arts Festival. A crowd of 40,00-50,00 people is expected at this event.

Library Report:​​ Jim Hartsell reported that members who check out books are expected to write a review of the book and return the book to the next monthly meeting. If a book is not checked out, the author takes the book home and brings it to the next meeting. Procedures as follows:

1. Bring your book(s) to the monthly meeting and place on the lending table. Make sure your book has a library card in the back so that it can be checked out. If it does NOT have a card, bring it to a library volunteer to add a card.

2. Return books you have borrowed to the RETURN BOOK box. Do NOT place them on the lending table.

3. Check out books on the lending table by pulling the card in the back of the book, writing your name and date on it, and turning it into the Library volunteer. 4. Check the lending table at the end of the meeting. If you book(s) have not been checked out, please take them home with you.

Marketing Committee​​: 1. AGT members are reminded that the cost for magnetic bumper stickers is $4.00.

2. Jody Sims will be reading an installment of “The Author’s Page,” radio program this Sunday morning at 8:35 on radio station WUOT, 91.9. She will read a new installment the last Sunday of every month. Jody provided members with radio script guidelines as well as a list of authors scripts that have been completed as of November 1, 2018. It was noted that she recently read an installment featuring AGT’s Cheryl Peyton and will be presenting a script featuring Sam Bledsoe on December 30.

Publicity:​​ ​​Cyn Taylor needs information from new members to issue press releases. To date, Cyn has submitted releases to eleven newspapers. Her email is: ​​. David Curran reminded members to contact him or Cyn if they desire their name to be included on the list of AGT authors interested in providing interviews for print, radio, or television venues.

Announcements:​​ ​​Members were reminded of the health issues being faced by Jim Farmer and Joan McIntee. Adele Roberts provided an update on the status of her project with Tennessee schools featuring her book, Critters Don’t Litter.
She is currently waiting for her contacts with the following organizations: ​Keep America Beautiful, Keep Tennessee Beautiful, and ​Keep Sevier County Beautiful, to advise her of their intentions for use of this project. Darlene Underwood announced the launching of her new book, ​Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening.

BJ Gillum and Lyn Nielans presented their new book, ​Swamped-Gators, Guns, and Guilty Secrets. They noted that an article featuring their new title has been featured in an Everglades newspaper: ​Mullet Rapper. Sharon Higa has a new title featuring zombies in ​Preacher Bridges. Randall Carpenter has released his fifth inspirational book: ​Life, Love and Other ​Circumstances.

Speaker: ​​Nadine Richmond spoke about the impact of Christianity in her life. With candor, Nadine spoke of her fear of public speaking and the role her faith in Jesus Christ played in helping her overcome this obstacle. Through a process of events with her growing faith, Nadine began to write about the things she was learning. These writings produced enough material for her two titles: ​The New Birth and ​Weapons of​ ​Warfare. Nadine is currently a pastor and she is the editor of AGT’s ezine, ​The Bookshelf.

Next Meeting: January 3, Thursday, at the Faith Lutheran Church in Farragut. The December meeting was adjourned at 12:00.

Respectfully submitted by Cindy Leihkauff, Secretary.