Victoria Winifred

Victoria Winifred is a renowned educator and accomplished author known for her award-winning children’s books. Her literary journey began with her debut novel, “The Princess, the Knight, and the Lost God: A Chess Story,” which won first prize for Children’s Fiction in the 2022 American Writing Awards among many other honors. This enchanting tale was also highly recommended by both the very discerning Kirkus Reviews and Writer’s Digest, making it a must-have addition to your collection.

Victoria Winifred has also written other notable works that ignite the imaginations of young readers. “Murray the Cat: First Adventures” tells the heartwarming story of a feline searching for a new home. She has also crafted a new series called “The Cozy Chess Club Mysteries,” tailored for children aged 7-11. The first two installments, “No Time for Halloween: The Frankenstein-Dracula Defense” and “Abbie’s Angel: A Christmas Puzzle,” have already captured readers’ hearts, with more thrilling adventures coming in 2024.

In addition to her own works, Victoria Winifred is dedicated to preserving her mother’s literary legacy. She continues to publish the poetry and prose of the late Emily Evans, her esteemed mother. The first volume of this enchanting series, “From Peacock Lane,” received a well-deserved five-star rating from Literary Titan, with the second volume, “From Deer Path Trail,” is set for publication in 2024.

With over a decade of experience teaching elementary grades, Victoria Winifred is a trusted authority in education. Her NYC Gifted and Talented classroom served as a workshop model site for Columbia University’s Reading and Writing Project for ten years. She is also a certified Chess Education instructor and was invited to speak at the 2023 FIDE London Chess Conference, where she discussed chess’s academic benefits for young children. Victoria Winifred shares her insights and wisdom through her compelling blog posts and is available for speaking engagements on topics such as education practices and the role of chess in classrooms. Her talks can also offer a valuable resource for aspiring authors looking to publish or self-publish.

Invite Victoria Winifred to visit your school or speak at your event to share her knowledge to help and inspire others. Acquire her books to unlock a world of imagination and inspiration for your children!

Victoria Winifred is an active member of the Author’s Guild of Tennessee and SCBWI Midsouth. Born in Brooklyn, she currently resides in East Tennessee with her husband and their beloved cat.
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