Dr. Katherine Parr

Katherine Parr has her doctorate in English from Northern Illinois University. She taught writing for more than thirty years. In 2018, she retired from teaching at the University of Illinois-Chicago where she taught courses in First-Year Composition, Media and Professional Writing, and Grammar. In 2021, she and her husband moved to Tellico Village where she joined the Authors Guild of Tennessee. In conjunction with the Guild, she participates in a writers’ critique group that meets twice a month in the Village.

Her first book arose from her dissertation, Sense and Sensibility of Nineteenth-Century Irish Women Poets: Rescuing Our Poetic Grandmothers. Her recent book on writing, Grammar and Style: Navigating the Bewildering World of Writing, is available on Barnes & Noble’s web site. She published articles in academic anthologies, and has released her first novel, Eva of the Nation, an account of one of the Irish poets from her research. She writes as Katherine Kirby Smith (K.K. Smith), and her Facebook page is as Katherine Kirby Smith

See me on Twitter: @Katheri04596851