The Committee Chairs shall periodically meet with their members outside the general membership meeting and report to the membership with copies of their progress to the Executive Board, if necessary. The President is the Ex Officio member of all committees, except the nominating committee.

Directory: Barb Dunn – Chair, Bobbi Chapman

Fairs and Festivals: Deena Charcalla – Chair, Danita Dodson, Frank Snyder, Curt Young, David Curran

Library: Laura Derr – Chair, Leoma Gilley, Linda Fitzpatrick, Sonja DuBois

Marketing & Publicity: Linda Fitzpatrick – Chair, Curt Young, Frank Snyder, Jim Hartsell, Jerry Morton, Vicki Bennett, Wes Hibbert

Membership: Cyn Taylor – Chair, Pat Crumpler, Sue Kite, Karel Bouse, Arlene Anderson

Nominating:  Kathy Parr, consultant with President

Programs: Kaye George – Chair, Sam Bledsoe

Retail: Linda Best – Chair, Art Stewart

Taxes (Federal and State): Bobbi Chapman

Training: Sam Bledsoe – Chair, Gayle Curtin, Victoria Winifred, Stephen Lyn Bales

Website: Bill Barbour