About Us

AGT was officially founded in the spring of 2013 as a group of published authors who call Tennessee home. Together, we promote our books through our website, in retail stores, and at fairs and festivals around the state. Individual AGT members sell their books through various national and regional and outlets, this website,and at book signings and other events.

Our website makes the books of local authors available in one place, offering the public more to choose from by genre as well as the number of titles. You can search the books offered by our authors by clicking on the “Our Authors” button in the menu at the top of this page; or you may search by clicking on the “By Genre” button.

Most of these books are available in e-book format as well as paperback. They may be purchased at many local  stores (see heading), or directly from this site by clicking on the image linking to the Amazon listing. You can also locate them online from Barnes and Noble and other sites or contact the author directly for a signed copy.

AGT hopes to encourage the development of higher literacy (reading skills) that benefit young and old in career and personal life.

Board Executives for 2022

 President: Cheryl Peyton

 Vice President: Vicki Bennett

 Secretary:  Leoma Gilley

 Treasurer: Russ Fine

 Assistant Treasurer: Randall Carpenter

 Members-at-Large: Mary Gaines and Jim Hartsell

 Past President: Bobbi Phelps:  2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

 Founding President: Sam Bledsoe: 2013 and 2014