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Sam Jenkins is the new police chief in town and everyone wonders, will Prospect, Tennessee ever be the same?    Here are six novelettes where Jenkins gets to show off his skills learned as a former New York detective.    A LABOR DAY MURDER and A MURDER IN KNOXVILLE take…
Category: Mystery (Cozy) Hits: 208
This is the fifth book in the author's travel mysteries series, featuring tour operator, Alex Trotter. Alex's husband, Homicide Detective Arlie Tate, agrees to help her escort a group of seniors on a European river cruise. He couldn't imagine that his help would include investigating a murder before they left…
Category: Literary Fiction Hits: 375
"Matching Scars" continues Boone's story begun in "Pushing Back".    Boone has a place to stay and enough to eat, but Gamaliel is back in the hospital and Boone’s getting more pressure from Jerry the longer he stays in Gamaliel’s house. Jerry wants him out, Carrie isn’t fighting for him…
Category: Humor Fiction Hits: 431
HB Graphite II is a collection of short stories involving an HB Grapite II. Published 2017.   Available in: paperback (5-1/2×8-1/2) $15.00
Category: Humor Fiction Hits: 374
The story editor said is a well-managed, unusual story of intrigue, romance, money and a dead body. Surprise 2017.   Available in: paperback (5-1/2×8-1/2) $15.00
Run along with Hopkins as he learns that even with all the excitement of a day at the beach, nothing compares to the love and security of his mommy! Bright ocean colors and playful rhyme come together in this beautiful dog story that is sure to garner lots of giggles…
Cops run into all kinds of characters on the job. But when Chief Sam Jenkins meets four people from his former life as a New York detective, it throws him for a loop. The first was a low level gangster named Carlo “Carly Nickels” DeCenzo—lying on a slab in the…
Category: Biography / History Hits: 546
The untold story of the GI's who were used as pawns to draw the Germans away from the impending Normandy invasion. Written by the combat photographer who saw the action first hand and fought his way up the Italian landscape, into the cities and over the mountains with the Fifth…
Category: Humor Fiction Hits: 577
Twenty-one short stories - sometimes satirical, sometimes, frightening, and mostly humorous, imagining of life under President Donald Trump! Price $11.95 248 pages          
Category: Literary Memoirs Hits: 721
It was cold and wet the day a 14 year old boy, hunting with his beloved grandfather, found an abandoned infant girl who had been thrown over a barbed-wire fence into the briers and underbrush alongside a desolate Wayne County, Indiana road. Wrapped in a towel, discarded like trash, infested…
In Book 1 of this series we found out how the invention of the power module by Albert Simpson changed the Earth. It brought on an era of prosperity and scientific development unlike anything the people of Earth experienced before. The inexpensive and unlimited power that the power module provided…
Category: Christian Fiction / Adults Hits: 1126
To believers and nonbelievers alike, the Three Wise Men are highly mysterious figures. In the nativity story, they arrive after the birth of Jesus, having followed a star across the desert. But who were these men? Where did they come from? How were they connected—if in fact they were? And…
Category: Childrens Literature / Young Adult Hits: 1263
The Federation is desperate for the rare materials probes have detected on Mendel, but the system’s blue sun is deadly to humans. The solution? Create a race of young mutated humans who can live and work on the planet.  Corree has successfully led her small group of forest mutants for…
An illustrated children's book about a flock of chickens, a little girl, and some rose-colored glasses. Sometimes it helps to look at the world a little differently. Pages: 26 Available in Paperback Price: $12.00      
Category: Humor Hits: 709
Friends, I simply feel compelled to write and free to write in any genre, but my overall goals are to encourage, enlighten, and entertain readers. In Theories: Size 12, Go On, Get Mad, But You Know You'll Agree, readers will find a friend, and many laughs, on every page. This…
Frank Carver has just been promoted and he is now the only homicide detective in a small police department. However, he frequently finds himself involved in cases with international implications. Prior to working for the police department he spent several years in Army Intelligence. The book contains six short stories,…

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