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Sam grew up in Roane County in East Tennessee, graduated from the University of North Carolina and then served in the Navy for four years. He was the Communications Officer aboard the USS Little Rock (CLG-4), flagship of the sixth fleet based in Gaeta, Italy. He later served as Communications Officer aboard the USS Frances Marion (LPA-249) based in Norfolk, Va.

After his discharge from the Navy, he pursued a career in insurance in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Lexington and in printing paper sales in Knoxville. In 1997, he launched Promotional Media, a small business that provided marketing services to a broad range of other businesses.

In 1975, Sam invented a strategy board game with a science fiction theme and named it Zanoba. In 2005, he finally began to pursue his dream of tapping into his creative streak through writing.Then he wrote the first novel of a Sci-Fi trilogy called The Last Senoobians.

Next came the creation of the Senoobian language,Kuterin, with a complete manual. The idea was to create a complete brand that would offer a broader fantasy experience by having a unique game and story line that would complement each other and appeal to young and old alike.


What Readers say..

  • I can’t wait to see what lies ahead...
    Created on 28 February 2017

    In The Bintorga Tree – Nanzema at War, Sam Bledsoe continues the epic saga of the very last remnant of the Senoobian race, Amara Hanahban, as she leaves her adopted home planet of Karyntis (Earth) and travels across Sector 3309 toward a blend of uncertainty and hope on planet Nanzema. Like its predecessor, The Last Senoobians, this book is full of rich and engaging details about the various intelligent races inhabiting Sector 3309. It is, however, a much different story. It has a different tale to tell.

    Amara is the daughter of refugees from a dying planet. She was born on Earth, which the Senoobians refer to as “Karyntis”. She left Karyntis in order to pursue what she hoped would be a normal life among people like her – the Bretin. The Bretin, however, are slow to accept Amara. She is a pure Senoobian whereas they are genetically engineered to be the next evolutionary step for their kind. Many of them look down on Amara and consider her beneath them. This is a mistake.

    Amara is a great character. She is strong and willful without coming across as artificially so. Bledsoe carefully crafts her with all the hopes, dreams, weaknesses, fears, virtues and shortcomings with which any one of us as humans can identify. I loved her. I sincerely hope that Bledsoe has many more adventures simmering in the back of his fertile mind for her to experience.
    The amount of social, political and military intrigue contained in this book is staggering. The fact that Bledsoe was able to present this complex universe in such a way as to be clear and digestible is a testament to his considerable talent. Add that to the fact that the personalities of all the characters shine through enough to keep them at the center of the story’s progression and you have something remarkable indeed. It’s hard to categorize a book like this. I am reminded somewhat of Frank Herbert’s epic Dune series, although this story is quite different. Politics, war, social injustice, family, culture and so many other ingredients blend together to form a savory and satisfying meal for the imagination. This is a well-crafted and well-told tale.

    I found myself turning the pages faster and faster as I neared the thrilling end to the story. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Amara Hanahban.

    Tilmer Wright ~ Author

    The Last Senoobians is a well-crafted story
    Created on 08 February 2017

    Sam Bledsoe has an amazing mind. The Last Senoobians is a complex, yet accessible tale spanning centuries of time and light-years of distance across the galaxy. There are multiple alien races - some nefarious, some benign. Then, of course, there are the humans. I put it that way because, unlike so many other “first contact” type stories, this one centers from the point of view of a race other than the human one. The Senoobians find themselves on Earth (which they call Karyntis) because their own world was doomed to destruction by a cataclysmic event beyond their ability to stop or control. The plot around all of this is intricate and involved. Following this plot is part of the joy the reader experiences as the story unfolds. I won’t spoil any of that with more details here.

    This is a story of perseverance, dogged determination and a struggle for survival that crosses yawning canyons of daunting uncertainty and hurtles the reader through thrilling scenes of conflict, desperation and despair. The characters are richly detailed and emerge from nothing to personalities you can almost touch and feel as events progress. Bledsoe does an excellent job weaving the tapestry of his characters’ portraits into the story itself. By the end, you feel like these characters are a part of your life. It would scarcely surprise you to run into one of them on the street as you make your way home from the market.

    Adding to the suspension of disbelief is the inclusion of so many unexplained and mysterious phenomena found on Earth today. The presence of the Senoobians is interleaved into discoveries made throughout human history, making the story seem entirely plausible, even though you keep telling yourself it just can’t be. This is what a great sci-fi story does. It causes you to question your own perception of reality – to entertain in your mind the taking of the story at face value. The Last Senoobians is a wild ride. As wild as it gets, you will still find yourself believing it could be possible.

    I also loved the inclusion of a brief pronunciation guide and some additional information about the native language spoken by the Senoobians. During the first part of the book, I found myself referencing this material so that I could learn to mentally pronounce the names of people and places correctly as I traveled through the story. The fact that this became important to me is a testament to how deeply this story draws the reader into Bledsoe’s incredible universe. I actually cared about how to pronounce “Karyntis”!

    The Last Senoobians is a well-crafted story. Continuity is flawless – a genuine feat considering the vast arcs the story covers. The story stands firmly on its own, but I am left wondering what happens next. I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series, The Bintorga Tree, to find out.

    Tilmer Wright ~...

    A wonderful Science fiction writer
    Created on 01 November 2016

    The first book of the Mobis Trilogy, Sam Bledsoe writes a fascinating story of three Senoobians: Bayn Kener, Darz Tuteesh and Jeliko Hanabban who escape the destruction of their starship, and now they are stranded on Karyntis, know as Earth to its humans inhabitants. They Senoobians must prepare their daughter Amara and the human Marco to survive on their own. The Senoobians are now force to live among the humans some amiable and some evil.
    The second book of the Mobis Trilogy.The Bintorga Tree Nanzema At War,by Sam Bledsoe is the trials and exciting experience Amara, the last true Senoobian as she travels from Karyntis and lands on Nanzema. There she encounters a war between hybrid Bretin and the native Shun with advanced and primitive people. She struggles to adapt to her new life, as the war between the Britin and native Shun will determined the future of Nanzema. As Amara tries to prove herself to the Britin's , she is concerned with her decision to leave her family.
    Sam Bledsoe is a wonderful Science fiction writer, and you will enjoy his imagination and his story telling ability. I look forward to Sam's third book of the Mobis Trilogy,

    Friend ~ Alto Dodson

    The Last Senoobians ~ A Science-Fiction Thriller...
    Created on 02 August 2016

    An action-packed adventure that reveals the slight differences, but strong similarities of all members of the human race, regardless of their origin. With a vast knowledge of modern technology and the universe, Sam Bledsoe tells an intriguing story of the interaction between earthly beings and aliens from other galaxies in outer space. The story transforms fantasy into a believable reality. This book is the first in a series of three. Science fiction readers will wish to complete the trilogy.

    Don Pardue ~ Author from Lenoir City, TN

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book
    Created on 01 December 2015

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Bledsoe’s well-crafted 30-chapter story is based on a solid platform of intriguing facts and allusions to historical and archaeological mysteries. The Nazca Lines, the early Egyptian civilization, the Hopis and the Navajos – the author brings these things together meaningfully through a detail- and time-rich action-packed sci-fi tale.

    The planet Senoobis, in a distant galaxy, was doomed: it was on a trajectory that, in several centuries, would take it through the Orgrot, a region of space cluttered with massive amounts of dust, debris and asteroids. Realizing their future fate, the Senoobians dedicated hundreds of years to designing, building and sending out three massive star-ships to carry potential colonists to other potentially habitable planets. But after centuries of travel, with crews in hyper-sleep, just one of the three ships, the Syzilian, survived. It made it to Earth. A landing party from the Syzilian began exploring a primitive Earth civilization, but its members became infected with a deadly virus and carried the disease back to the main ship. All but three Syzilian crew members subsequently became ill and died – the last three Senoobians survived by retreating to hyper-sleep for hundreds of years more. Emerging again from hyper-sleep, the three return to Earth, and settle near Nazca, Peru.

    The author then relates the intrigue and complications that pursue them for years. A drug lord attempts their murder, suspecting the Senoobians work for the CIA; a military-industry representative tries hard to gain access to Senoobian technologies for economic advantage; the Peyrians, another distant race interested in colonizing Earth, arrive, further complicating matters.

    The story-line is active and well-plotted; the characters are well developed and feel authentic, with good dialog. And I applaud the author’s effective use of credible science detail, which smacks of truth enough to make me, as a reader, wonder: did this really happen? It could have!

    By Arthur J. Stewart on November 25, 2015

    Looking for a good book to read?
    Created on 02 February 2015

    Try “The Last Senoobians”, the first book of the Mobis Trilogy, by Sam Bledsoe. The book begins when three Senoobians from the planet Senoobis are in a starship to find a new planet. Senoobis had a similar catastrophe like Earth that wiped out the dinosaurs. There are twenty four crew members on board the starship but only three survive. After escaping the destruction of their starship, the three Senoobians find themselves marooned on Earth.

    Darz Tureesh, Jeliko Hanahban and Bayn Kener are the three Senoobians. Sam goes into great detail as a gifted writer to show the reader the Senoobian’s responsibilities, cultural background, personalities and hardships in dealing with the culture and people on Earth.

    After reading this book, you may wonder if we will someday be looking for a new planet for our own survival? The Senoobians see our behavior with wars, using up our natural resources and polluting our environment destroying our planet. I feel you will enjoy the trials, adventures and suspense of the Senoobians as I have. And don’t miss the suspense―the Senoobians have a baby while on earth- girl or boy? Will it truly be the last Senoobian?

    I look forward to Sam’s second book of the trilogy “The Bintorga Tree”.


Books by Sam Bledsoe

Interview with Author

Why did you choose to write a sci-fi novel instead of some other genre?

I knew it would be challenging to create a whole alien world but I thought it would be a lot of fun. Besides, it’s sort of an ego trip to write a story on such a grand scale. The Last Senoobians follows the Senoobian race over a period of a couple of thousand years so in that sense it’s an epic.

How long have you been working on your trilogy?

I’m a late bloomer. I had always wanted to be a writer but raising a family, pursuing a career and sorting out what I should do with my life got in the way of writing. I started writing The Last Senoobians when I was 62 and it took me about five years to finish it. I can tell you that writing is hard but gratifying work; at least it is for me. If you’ve ever dreamed about writing, my advice is just do it; you’re never too old and you’ll learn a hell of a lot about yourself and life.

How does your book The Last Senoobians differ from other sci-fi stories?

First of all, the protagonists are not humans but aliens. I thought it would be interesting to write a story from the perspective of aliens who are marooned on Earth and have to deal with humans who are aliens to them.

Secondly, the Senoobians are not monsters with tremendous powers―in many ways, they’re like us. They don’t have great powers; they’re just more advanced than we are and they have the same kinds of problems and issues we have.

Thirdly, the Senoobians allow us to look at ourselves as humans from a different and sometimes unflattering point of view.

Do you intend to expand this grand story into a trilogy? In other words, will there be a third book?

I think so. I already have a name for the third book―The Obeldazi― and a rough plot. I have no idea when it will be finished, however.

How do your Senoobians differ from humans in appearance?

Basically, they don’t look that different from humans; they have green catlike eyes, six fingers and toes, and pointed ears. They also live to be about 200 years old.

Will there be a sequel to The Last Senoobians?

Yes, The Bintorga Tree will be released in October of 2014. In that plot, Amara, the last Senoobian, travels from Earth to Nanzema where she struggles to survive among the Bretin and native Shun.

What is Sector 3309?

It’s the small section of our Milky Way Galaxy that contains five planets that support intelligent life. There is Earth with its humans; Senoobis with only three known survivors; Peyr whose Peyrians are the bullies of Sector 3309; Nanzema that is populated by the more primitive Shun, and Krees whose benign Ovlodian race has been almost completely wiped out by the Peyrians. So it’s a pretty violent place.

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02 April 2015

The only thing more satisfying than reading a GOOD book is writing one;

someday I hope to experience that!

- Sam Bledsoe

01 April 2015

The second book in the Mobis Trilogy is now available.

The Bintorga Tree continues the story of Amara Hanahban from the first book, The Last Senoobians, as she travels to Nanzema to start a new life among the Bretin after leaving her family and friends on Karyntis. 

30 August 2014
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Don’t try to be better than your competitors; try to be different. There is always going to be someone smarter than you, but there may not be someone who is more imaginative!

13 April 2014
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