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After nearly a year of aggressive and debilitating treatments for stage three breast cancer, enjoying life again was all Jody hoped for. Ironically, the hardest part of her journey had just begun.  She was three weeks into her six weeks of daily radiation therapy when a very important person in…
When your high school classmate shows up on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List, can your police career get any more interesting? As a favor to a beautiful treasury agent, Prospect, Tennessee’s police chief Sam Jenkins handles a cold case robbery-homicide and clears the forty-three year old mystery of THE…
Category: Mystery (Cozy) Hits: 171
Frank Carver continues his adventures in this book. In the first story, ​The Time Travler, ​​​​ ​Frank is confronted by a man who wants to report a murder that hasn't happened yet. The man claims to have visions of both past and future events, and he presents Frank with enough evidence…
Corree never wants to leave Mendel again, but she has no choice when something happens on the orbiting space station and it is tied to upheaval in the Federation leadership. Someone wants the clone of Corree's creator and she must travel back into danger to find out why and to…
Category: Religion / Spiritual Hits: 192
Do you or someone you know have questions concerning the new birth? Many people have experienced confusion as to what it actually means to be born again. This book answers those questions and more. You will become excited as the Bible becomes alive to you while digging deep into the…
Category: Horror and Fantasy Hits: 198
A riveting collection of tales inspired by locations in East Tennessee and legends of the area written by members of the Etowah Writers Guild. Monsters, ghosts, legendary creatures and cannibals descend on local towns giving us many reasons to check under our beds and in our closets. Co Authors: Susan Kite,…
Category: Mystery (Cozy) Hits: 858
This is the fifth book in the author's travel mysteries series, featuring tour operator, Alex Trotter. Alex's husband, Homicide Detective Arlie Tate, agrees to help her escort a group of seniors on a European river cruise. He couldn't imagine that his help would include investigating a murder before they left…
Sam Jenkins is the new police chief in town and everyone wonders, will Prospect, Tennessee ever be the same?    Here are six novelettes where Jenkins gets to show off his skills learned as a former New York detective.    A LABOR DAY MURDER and A MURDER IN KNOXVILLE take…
Category: Humor Fiction Hits: 1050
HB Graphite II is a collection of short stories involving an HB Grapite II. Published 2017.   Available in: paperback (5-1/2×8-1/2) $15.00
Cops run into all kinds of characters on the job. But when Chief Sam Jenkins meets four people from his former life as a New York detective, it throws him for a loop. The first was a low level gangster named Carlo “Carly Nickels” DeCenzo—lying on a slab in the…
Frank Carver has just been promoted and he is now the only homicide detective in a small police department. However, he frequently finds himself involved in cases with international implications. Prior to working for the police department he spent several years in Army Intelligence. The book contains six short stories,…

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