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Within Sector 3309 of the Bortuks Galaxy there are five planets that support intelligent beings: Karyntis, Peyr, Nanzema, Krees and Senoobis. In this first book of the Mobis Trilogy, Senoobis is destroyed eventually leaving only four survivors. Three bold Senoobians escape the destruction of their starship to find themselves marooned on Karyntis, known as Earth to its human inhabitants. No longer proud officers of the starship Syzilian and, without their advanced technology, they resign themselves to an austere and guarded life among the humans―some amiable and some evil. When their old enemies from Peyr show up, threatening them and the humans as well, they must figure out how to warn the humans without inviting more danger to themselves. The Last Senoobians is the fascinating story of Bayn Kener, Darz Tureesh and Jeliko Hanahban who must safeguard their most precious possession while preparing their daughter Amara and the young human Marco to survive on their own.

Available in:
paperback (6×9, 325 pages) $16.00
Ebook $ 6.95

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