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Hooty, Rudy ‘n’ Tooty are three German Shepherd puppies that live on a picturesque farm. Twenty-one bigger-than-life characters form the puppies’ group of friends, with whom they frolic daily, on the farm and in the surrounding woodlands.

As the day starts, the threesome and their pals celebrate “The Roasty of the Mosty”, a wonderful birthday party being held on the very top of the big ridge. This special day just happens to be in honor of Miss Bootzy-Wootzy, a very smart Meadow Jumping mouse. Bootzy is the proud editor of, “The Worthy News of the Day”, and you can bet that she had made everyone aware of her wishes well before her big day rolled around.

Following the lively party, everyone scattered down the big ridge to take a long afternoon nap. But after such a beautiful morning, few would have expected what was to come. A great and terrible storm was brewing in the east. The winds were fierce, and the sky darkened minute by minute. Lightning brightened the skies as its strikes popped up trees from their roots.

With the rain falling and the wind howling, the pups awoke abruptly. They were so afraid. They wanted to find their mother Snooty, but the storm was too fierce. And so, as they ran up the big ridge, barking furiously, they began to pray.

Oh, my! All of a sudden…they felt the earth fall out from under their feet. Then instantly, a streak of lightning lit the sky so brightly that they could see that they had run off of a cliff on top of the big ridge. They knew they were destined to land in the deep fast-moving current of the river below, never to be seen again!

But, wait…an enormous cloud unfolded…and scooped up…Hooty, Rudy ‘n’ Tooty. As the sky parted, a brilliant light shown directly on the pups. They buried their heads so deeply in the cloud that all you could see were their tail-ends shaking and trembling with fear! The great and mighty voice that sits on the circle of the earth spoke from the light and said, “Hooty…Rudy…Tooty, today you have been saved to become The Rescue Pets!”
Hooty, Rudy ‘n’ Tooty knew that from that day forth… their lives would never be the same!

Genre: Children’s Literature/Fiction/Fun/Adventure

Available in: paperback (8.25×6, 184 pages) $21.99
as paperback and audio (mp3) $29.99
as e-book and audio (mp3) $19.95
as e-book (in PDF format) $11.95
as audio book $12.95

Cinthia Diane Stafford K-9 On Board Featuring The Recue Pets



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