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God's Mysteries and Paradoxes: Looking Through the Glass, Darkly

This book introduces the paradox as a way of exposing mysteries of secret societies and the coming of a new world order. It is a book about paradoxes and how they were actually created by God to bring unique enlightenment but also to confound the so-called earthly wisdom. Paradoxes also keep believers humble by showing them that God’s ways are not always man’s ways. “For this is what the high and lofty One says – he who lives forever, whose name is holy; I live in a high and holy place but also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite (Isaiah 57:15).”

This book also introduces the reader to the ancient idea of “The Divine Paradox” written by Hermes Tristmegistus (thrice great) in The Divine Pylander. An additional book, Corpus Hermeticum, was translated by Marsilo Ficino during the early Renaissance and helps frame the philosophical paradox of nature versus faith. This book, along with other fragments written by Hermes Trismegistus, was translated in the early 1400s and caused a rebirth of its teachings during the Renaissance. Modern secret societies and the occult are using much of the same knowledge to deceive people in the world today. Evidence shows Albertus Magnus, Roger Bacon, and the Knights Templar prossessed ancient knowledge and from it gave rise to secret organizations and societies operating today, including the Illuminati, Freemasons, and modern occultists.

Front Flap: The idea of the paradox is not new; it is woven into the fabric of nature and discussions of it date back to the ancient Greek and possibly Egyptian philosophers and sages. The paradox is a divine creation, set in motion to cause man to questions the issues of life, death and the hereafter. Ultimately, the questioning leads to a final decision as to whether to exercise free will and to choose God, or the opposite side of the paradox which is evil. Intellectuals in past centuries have sought the source of true wisdom by looking to the natural world for the answers. Many have accepted the ancient writings of Hermes Tristmegistus as being the secret, mystical knowledge they have sought to find. Today’s New Age philosophies, secret societies and cults are nothing more than a re-emergence of ancient Hermetic Doctrine passed down from Freemasons, Illuminists, and other secret groups.

Back Flap: Hermes Tristmegistus was an ancient Egyptian sage whose historical background is shrouded in mystery. He was supposed to have written thousands of books on every area of human learning, and fragments of his work have been preserved and translated. The “Seven Hermetic Principles” are recorded in a series of his writings called the Corpus Hermeticumtranslated by Marsilio Ficino in the early 15th century. Hermes’ Emerald Tablet is an allegorical writing when, if interpreted properly, is the secret formula called the “Philosopher’s Stone;” the elixir supposed to extend life and turn base metals into gold. The paradox is demonstrated vividly as the age old struggle for the knowledge of good and evil promised by the Devil in the garden of Eden, and a life of faith, dependent on God, the source of true wisdom.

Genre: Christian

Available in: paperback (6×9, 190 pages) $17.95; Hardback $33.95; and e-book $3.99

Dr. Carroll M. HelmGod's Mysteries and Paradoxes: Looking Through the Glass, Darkly



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