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Western / Native American

Jack Saunders just wants a new start after a messy divorce. He doesn’t bargain on a wrong turn and a breakdown in the Arizona desert. A beautiful girl coming to his rescue on a classic Indian motorcycle might mean things are looking up. Or, they might be turning really strange in a town that time forgot, with friendly people willing to die for a cause … to save a founder’s statue …

Haskell turned to John Smith. “Are we clear on this?”
“Yes sir. Crystal. I do have some questions, though.”
“You may ask your questions,” replied Haskell.
“How did you come up with this map and know what equipment is in what building? Second, what’s the name of this town?”
Haskell grinned and said, “it’s Gladstone, and I used to live there.”
“One last question. How are we supposed to wipe out a town and not worry about the consequences?”
“Don’t worry about that, Once we’re done, and before we leave, we will bury the town by blowing out the sides of the canyon cliffs. It will look like Mother Nature took care of them.”
John Smith nodded his head in approval. “You have this all figured out. So, any idea when we do this, so I can tell my men?”
“Soon,” replied Haskell with an evil grin.

Available in: e-book (159 pages) $ .99
and audio (4 hours and 49 minutes): $14.94

Johna A Miller Gladstone

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Jack lives in Gladstone now but it’s time for a trip. He invites Susan along to get his printing press, see Denver, and meet his best friend Frank. Jack’s got a surprise or two for Frank. Susan gets to show off her skills. Gladstone’s rescue squad flies into action. Can Jack choose between the life of his friend and keeping Gladstone’s secret?

Sheriff Reeves tried again and again. The fifth time he tried a man answered with a thick Spanish accent.
“Why you keep calling this phone?” The man demanded.
“I’m looking for my friend. Can I talk to him?”
“No, you cannot. He and his marshal friend are our guests.”
“May I ask how you have his phone and who you are?”
“No, señor, I will not tell you my name but I have his phone because he and his marshal friend are in trouble.” “What do you mean, trouble?”
“The marshal has information we want, and we will kill them both if we don’t get what we need.”
Sheriff Reeves squeezed the phone in anger and took a deep breath. “I don’t think you want to hurt them.”
“You have no idea who I am and what I will do. Who are you, that you think you can threaten me?”
“My name is Ron Reeves.”
“Good, you tell me the truth now, no?”
“I’ll tell you the truth.”
“I tell you the truth when I say I kill them for fun if I want to.”

Available in: e-book $1.49

John A Miller Gladstone 2 Missing in Denver

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Joshua Brandt cuts ties in Tennessee and goes in search of his brother in the Wyoming Territory. Along the way he finds old friends and new enemies. A Texas judge lets him forge an unlikely team of U.S. Marshals. He leads them against train robbers, land-grabbers, and finds some unexpected ways to bring law, order, and justice to the West. 

The marshals make their way toward Wyoming and the biggest challenge yet in a town where Joshua will learn the truth about his missing brother and face down men who think nothing can stop their grab for gold and power.

“I think you need to go outside and get some air, my friend.”
“You’re that marshal everyone is talking about. You would rather talk than fight.”
“I like to keep the peace, you could say.”
The man turned to the other men at the table. “He is a coward with a badge.” He spat, hitting the floor an inch from Joshua’s right boot. The other three men at the table laughed.
“I’m going to ask you again. Go outside and cool off.”

The man stood there boring holes in Joshua with his eyes. Their eyes met for another moment until the man reached for his gun. Joshua drew his Colt from his left holster and pointed it at the man’s chest. He froze and his eyes widened. The man sitting in the middle of the table started to stand slowly. Joshua drew his Colt from his right holster and pointed it at him, without taking his eyes off the man standing. “There are four of us, and you have both guns spoke for,” said a third man at the table. His face slid from smug to scared when he felt Anna’s Schofield push against the back of his head. The man raised his hands slowly.

Available on Amazon as a paperback (233 pages) for $9.49,
and as an ebook (219 pages) for $2.99

John A Miller Trail Dust

Also available as Unabridged, Audible Audio Edition on Amazon for $17.94.

John A Miller Trail Dust Audio

Audio Sampler


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The story continues as Joshua and his deputies are in Cheyenne Wyoming setting up a base camp of operations. He is enjoying his time with Mac and his nephew. But a lawman has no time to rest when he and his deputies are asked for help from a local rancher whose cattle are being rustled and finds out there is more going on than meets the eye. Joshua will also discover about how men can change their ways in good and in bad when he is accused of a crime he didn’t commitment. Can the help of an outlaw be the answer he needs in clearing his good name for the people of Cheyenne? Joshua will learn that even a dead man can inflict his revenge on him even from the grave.

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Lisa and Mark have known each other since they were eight. Bullies brought them together, and a stray dog might change their lives, their dreams, and their future….”I said you were not getting past us.” Sam began to laugh. Just as Mark stood up again he heard a voice come from behind him.
“Leave him alone!”
What now? He turned and noticed a small girl standing there.
She was about Mark’s age, eight or so, standing there pointing her finger at Sam and Bobby Jenkins. Sam just scowled at her and then they both laughed. “What are you going to do about it?”
What happened next was a shock even to an eight-year-old boy. She said, “You’ll be sorry.”

Available on Amazon as a SHORT story in paperback (33 pages): $Free.

Also free on paperback at the end of Trail Dust.

John A Miller You'll be sdorry



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