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Religion / Spiritual

A Promise Fulfilled is a collection of short inspirational writings and devotionals of faith, hope, and love that make you realize that life is entirely about these three things. When you make yourself vulnerable to God, you accept a faith in something greater than yourself that fills you with hope and love that you can find nowhere else. From our faith, we gain hope that allows us to love one another unconditionally. If we accept this hope and love we know through us, we are God’s hands, feet, and voice leading others.

Number of pages: 108

Price:  $11.95

Format available: Paperback and Ebook (Kindle)

Randall Carpenter - A promise fulfilledon Amazon

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This Joy has NO opposite!! Instantly change and become renewed no longer suffering in life's lows. Lift your head and leave behind the brokenness, resentment, bitterness and depression that destroy life's true purpose. “Death by Happy-Life by Joy”, will instantly help you to see and then change your view on living in real joy and satisfaction.

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What’s this book about? It's about TRUTH. According to the Internet and the media, the Founding Fathers were deists and atheists.That is NOT TRUE. The Historical Record is clear: The Signers of the Declaration of Independence, an exemplar of the Founding Fathers, were, for the most part, men of religious faith. The reader is directed to hundreds of historical references, many accessible online, which tell us the TRUTH that none of the Signers of the Declaration
were publicly professing atheists and only a handful of them were ever publicly categorized as deists in their day. (And most of those characterizations were NOT TRUE.) 

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This book introduces the paradox as a way of exposing mysteries of secret societies and the coming of a new world order. It is a book about paradoxes and how they were actually created by God to bring unique enlightenment but also to confound the so-called earthly wisdom. Paradoxes also keep believers humble by showing them that God’s ways are not always man’s ways. “For this is what the high and lofty One says – he who lives forever, whose name is holy; I live in a high and holy place but also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite (Isaiah 57:15).”

Lessons For Life is a collection of 122 short, easily understood lessons that help teenagers cope with growing up in a world they do not understand. The lessons teach ways to cope with others and build more confidence and self-esteem. Teenagers are exposed to many unrealistic examples of how they are supposed to look, act, and live. They often try to imitate people they see, hear, and read about every day. This book lets them know it is not what you wear or how you look that makes you special. It is what is in your heart and how you treat others that will set you apart. You must remember, no one remembers the person who did what everyone else did. Being special is being remembered for the things you didn’t do.

Number of pages: 122

Price:   $10.99

Format available: Paperback

Randall Carpenter - Lessons for Life on Amazon

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Living a Christian life in today’s world is not easy. Every day someone or something questions your faith and beliefs. Living With the Son in Your Eyes is a collection of Christian writings and devotionals written to help you see God’s love around you and within you. It is a collection of writings to help you feel closer to God. Our lives get out of  control sometimes. The writings take you through the joys of being a Christian. They open your heart to a world filled with God’s creations and His love for you. A Christian life should contain prayer. There is never a better moment to pray than the moment your realize you haven’t.

Number of pages: 125

Price:    $10.99

Format available: Paperback

Randall Carpenter - Living With the Son in Your Eyes on Amazon

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Do you or someone you know have questions concerning the new birth? Many people have experienced confusion as to what it actually means to be born again. This book answers those questions and more. You will become excited as the Bible becomes alive to you while digging deep into the word of God to get clear and concise scripture based answers. Become equipped to serve God in a more perfect way using the power given you through the New Birth.

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                     Developing Character, Integrity and Respect

Every day we hear about corruption, deceit, and theft. If we choose to, we can hear about it twenty-four hours a day. What has happened to our world? Have we completely forgotten what character, integrity, and respect are? Walking With the Son in Your Life addresses proven methods and honest observations to help you develop these three traits in your life. This book explains that possessing character, integrity, and respect through your Christian values are more about having the courage to stand for something than becoming something. Earning a living is necessary but not at the expense of sacrificing your character and integrity. In order to earn true respect, you must first display character and integrity in your life.

Number of pages: 87

Price: $10.99

Format available: Paperback

Randall Carpenter - Walking with your son in your life on Amazon

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