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Stewart’s second book, digs deep into the culture of the Samurai warriors of Japan to refocus readers, through poetry and essays, on the importance of respect (Rei) and truth-sincerity (Makoto) as guiding principles and critical components of good mentoring and teaching in preparing the next generation of scientists. Celtic Cat Publishing.

Available in: paperback (6×9, 96 pages) $15.00

Genre: Nonfiction
Also available on Kindle and e-book.
Published 2005

Arthur Stewart Bushido: The Virtues of Rei and Makoto






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His third book, uses poetry and essays to explore the importance of early childhood experiences and non-traditional forms of science education in shaping the ways we think about and engage in science. Celtic Cat Publishing.

Available in: paperback (6×9, 108 pages) $15.00
Also available on Kindle and e-book.

Arthur Stewart Circle, Turtle, Ashes






Art Stewart’s fifth volume of science-based poetry explores the the latest findings on human origins. “Reaching deep into compelling examples from human history, and the history of our natural world, Stewart delivers carefully crafted meditations that seamlessly braid fact, loss, longing, and imagination.

Price: $15.00

Arthus Stewart From Where We Came


Published by Celtic Cat Publishing
Knoxville, Tennessee.





In a brief account of his earlier life, the author reminisces about growing up in a family with four mischievous brothers while under the domination of a strict father. The remainder of the book is a collection of short stories and poems, some of which are poignant, while others are whimsical.

Available in:
paperback          $15.00 (5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 211 pages)
Ebook (Kindle)    $ 2.99

Don Pardue Random Reflections


What can we do as writers and poets to help animals in need? We can write, sell the book and donate the money – after publishing fees – to animal shelters, sanctuaries and animal hospices to help their dedicated work.

The Read for Animals project started when I was organizing and rewriting the short stories I have written the past few years. The idea came to me that with a few of my friends we could put together an anthology to help animals, and I asked my animal lover friends if they’d like to participate. They responded, and the stories and poems started flooding in. We published the first book of the Read for Animals series, and the first $100 donation was made to Columbia Greene animal shelter of NY, thanks to animal lovers who purchased the book.

This book is the second in the Read for Animals series. Some stories will make you laugh out loud; others will warm your heart and make you cry. Some stories are true, and the fantasy stories will make you think… what if? Each author and poet brings their unique writing style, to make the book enjoyable.

Thank you for helping our furry, scaly and feathered friends in need, by purchasing this book.

John A Miller Read for Animals #2

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Stewart’s first book of “science flavored” poems and essays challenges scientists to think about communicating their science to the public more effectively through deep consideration of imagery, metaphor, cadence and diction. Celtic Cat Publishing.

Available in: paperback (6×9, 96 pages) $15.00
Published 2003
Also available on Kindle and e-book.

Arthur Stewart Rough Ascension And Other Poems of Science






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His fourth book, points out that ambiguity, which we encounter and deal with constantly as we try to make sense of the world, is both the basis for and lifeblood of poetry and science. So, poets and scientists, at their roots, are similar – they just address ambiguity differently, and the products of their efforts to understand the world differ because their methods for dealing with ambiguity differ. Celtic Cat Publishing.

Available in: paperback (6×9, 92 pages) $15.00
Published 2013

Also available on Kindle and e-book.

Arthus Stewart  The Ghost In The Word



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