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Donna Habib's mother and father were an unlikely pair ... an American southern belle and a tribal prince from Jordan. How they came together and forged a lasting union creating an amazing, unique family of blended traditions, religious practices, clothing and cuisine - and filled it with love - is a story she felt she had to write.

Available in Paperback

Price: $15.00

Pages: 300

Size: 6x9

Donna Habib - Baba's Southern Magnolia: A Jordanian-American Love Story on Amazon

Blossoms of Winter is the emotional account of a middle-class family in a small East Tennessee town in which family members endure the hardships of the Great Depression, wars and personal crises, all from which they emerge stronger in spirit.

In this saga of a male-dominated family, the author takes us on a poignant, meandering journey of five high-spirited, rebellious sons in their quest to come to terms with the possessive love of their father.

As the emotional conflict between father and sons threatens to destroy relationships, the inner-strength of the mother is the glue that helps hold the family together.

In captivating narrative, the author presents a drama of discovery in which the wayward find direction, and the bloom of hope springs from the sediment of despair.

In their unceasing effort to avoid the shackles of mediocrity, the family determines the role of creativity in the revival of the human spirit. In their struggle to find the meaning of their existence, they discover God’s purpose for their journey in life.

Genre: True-Life Novel

Available in:
paperback          $17.00 (5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 457 pages)
Ebook (Kindle)    $ 2.99

Don Pardue Blossom of Winter


When I first met Ku Adams and heard the story of family and their tumultuous escape from Estonia at the end of World War II, fleeing literally just moments ahead of rumbling Russian tanks coming down their street in the dark of night, I knew immediately that this was a story well worth the telling.

Even today, this story is being re-lived across the globe.

There are thousands upon thousand of displaced persons, struggling first to survive and then to re-invent themselves in a totally new environment.

We need to pay attention.

Availabe: Paperback

Book Size:                    5.5 x 8.5

Book Page Count:      172
Price:                             $12.00
Marylin Neilans Flight to Freedom

When his wife abandoned him, Ben Granger found himself faced with parenting six daughters without the help of their mother. The daughters were hardworking, loyal, and obedient, but sometimes mischievous. The father worked them like men on his farm; however, his nurturing guidance enabled them to retain their femininity. An undaunted man, he stood tall, but alone while enduring the ordeals of family separation, financial hardship, crop failures, and declining health.

Filled with adversity, sadness, and humor, Maiden Harvest is a poignant account of a simple farmer’s unflinching courage and perseverance. But the essence of the story extends beyond the mere steadfast character of a courageous man. It is also about the enduring power of unusual family love―the uncommon bond that exists between a father and his daughters, an attachment so strong that neither distance, nor time, nor even death can ever sever the ties that bind them together in an abiding love.

Genre: True-Life Novel
Available in:
paperback          $17.00 (5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 423 pages)
Ebook (Kindle)    $ 2.99

Don Pardue Maiden Harvest

With intimidating tales of bellowing drill instructors and their seemingly incongruous tasks, Reluctant Lieutenant captures the essence of what it meant to survive the training regimen of the Old Army. 

In this engaging memoir, Jerry Morton reconstructs his reluctant journey through basic training, advanced infantry training, and Infantry Officer Candidate School during the Vietnam era. His is a unique record of what it was like to be a conscript in the U.S. Army in the late 1960s. 

Morton's account also provides a roadmap to the sociology and culture of the military, especially the class system that divided college graduates from those with less education or economic stature yet did not override solidarity in the field. He describes his disappointment and discomfort at being "killed" during training ambushes. But he also shows how someone with a master's degree in psychology could adapt to an environment in which the army did the thinking and the soldier the doing. However unintentional, by the end of his journey Morton is no longer a civilian but an officer, adept at army gamesmanship and ready for command. 

This book offers an informative foray into the training system used by the army during the Vietnam era and valuable insight into the military culture. Veterans of the Old Army will find their memories kindled by this vivid account of one man's experience.

Published by Texas A&M University Press.

Cheryl Peyton Murder in Margaritaville On Amazon & Kindle

Genre: Military History

Hardback    $45.00 

Paperback  $29.95 

Kindle            $9.99

Book Size: 6x9

Book Page Count:317


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After nearly a year of aggressive and debilitating treatments for stage three breast cancer, enjoying life again was all Jody hoped for. Ironically, the hardest part of her journey had just begun. 

She was three weeks into her six weeks of daily radiation therapy when a very important person in her life passed away and she couldn’t be there to say goodbye. One week later, a dear friend (diagnosed three months after Jody) was gone. Additionally, Jody’s life partner continued to battle symptoms from a traumatic brain injury sustained from a car accident two years prior. And if all that wasn’t enough, her boss just informed her that she no longer had a job  to come back to – they needed to move on.

In August of 1946, the Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis was canceled for only the fourth time in its nearly one-hundred-year history. The previous cancellations had been due to this country being engaged in war: the Civil War and World War II. The Fair’s failure to open in the summer of 1946 was due to this country waging a different kind of war against an unseen, but deadly, enemy: poliomyelitis, a disease of the central nervous system which could cripple or even kill, mostly children. Polio had created a panic as its victims were so young, its transmission was unknown and there was no cure.

Four years earlier, a British nurse, known as “Sister” Kenny, had come to Minneapolis from Australia to open a clinic for the treatment of paralytic polio, as the area had a disproportionately high number of these cases. Elizabeth Kenny had developed her own techniques to treat unresponsive limbs, which had been shown to be effective in her work in the Outback. Even so, her techniques remained controversial and were not used elsewhere.

Jeannie Erickson was not yet two years’ old in the summer of 1946 and living with her family in Minneapolis when she contracted the virulent strain of polio during an afternoon outing. Days later, when the symptoms emerged, Jeannie was rushed to the hospital and placed in an iron lung in the Kenny Institute. Two weeks later she was removed from the ventilator but faced the dire diagnosis of permanent paralysis of her legs, to never walk again.

This is the story of Jeannie’s struggle against the disease, from her first hospitalization, through multiple surgeries and difficult treatments, to adulthood when she was able to live a full and satisfying life. In the telling, the book looks inside the children’s polio wards of the 1940s and 1950s, where the young patients spent months at a time, only able to see their families for two hours a week. It is an inspiring tale of courage and dedication of Jeannie, her doctors, and her family.

Genre: True Life Novel

Available in:
soft cover (6×9, 196 pages) $12.00
Ebook $ 2.99

Cheryl Peyton Walk On Through the Rain


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