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Mystery (Cozy)

When a stranger walks into the neighborhood bar, The Fine Kettle O’Fish, Finn and the others aren’t sure what to think of him--at first.

Soon, it’s apparent that Malcolm, the new guy, is bothering everyone’s favorite striptease artist, Violet, who has had a rough time climbing out of the gutter. Something is lurking in Mal’s past, and something has to be done. A short story.

Pages: 10

Available: Kindle

Price: $0.99

Kaye George A Kettle of Fish




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Imogene Duckworthy is twenty-two and has a job (PI assistant) and a new car (used). She loves her mother, but it's time she was on her own.

The problem is her daughter Nancy Drew Duckworthy’s pet potbelly. Not a lot of rentals in Wymee Falls will permit a pig, even one as cute and charming as Marshmallow. Jersey Shorr of Shorr Realty manages to find something, but there are rumors that the house is haunted. Immy tells herself she doesn’t believe in ghosts. She signs the contract and plans to move in before Halloween. 

What she doesn’t plan on is the very real, very dead body in the bathtub. And the fact that the most logical murder suspect is her Uncle Dewey, fresh out of prison. Immy can’t allow her long-lost relative to be railroaded for a crime he (possibly) didn’t commit, can she?

Pages: 273

Available in Paperback/Kindle

Paperback: $10.99

Kaye George Broke



Twenty-two-year-old Imogene Duckworthy has been waiting tables at Huey's Hash in tiny Saltlick, TX, itching to jump out of her rut and become a detective. When Uncle Huey is found murdered in his own diner, a half-frozen package of mesquite-smoked sausage stuffed down his throat, Immy, an unwed mother who has always longed to be a PI, gets her chance to solve a real crime.

See amazon.com/dp/1477571507 for paperback 2nd edition.

Pages: 313

Available in: Paperback/Kindle

Paperback: $ 11.99

Kindle: $3.99

Kaye George Choke



Fish Tales, The Guppy Anthology, casts a wide net across the mystery genre, delivering thrills, chills, and gills. This water-themed collection features locked room puzzles, police procedurals, cozy characters and hardboiled detectives. With a pool of motivations ranging from greed and revenge to loyalty and justice, these stories will lure you in with killer hooks and fishy characters.

Come on in, the water’s fine. But be careful, or you might find yourself sleeping with the fishes.

Pages: 230

Available in Paperback / Kindle

Kindle: $4.99

Paperback: $14.99

Kaye George Fish Tales


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Frank Carver continues his adventures in this book. In the first story, ​The Time Travler, ​​​​ ​Frank is confronted by a man who wants to report a murder that hasn't happened yet. The man claims to have visions of both past and future events, and he presents Frank with enough evidence to convince him that the man may be telling the truth.

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GRIMM TALES is a collection of stories by some of the top names in online crime fiction, all based on classic fairy tales. As novelist Ken Bruen writes in his introduction, "Ever imagined what would have come down the dark pike if The Brothers Grimm were more Brothers Coen and wrote mystery?" The collection is edited by John Kenyon, editor of Grift magazine, and contains 17 stories by Patricia Abbott, Absolutely*Kate, Jack Bates, Eric Beetner, Nigel Bird, Loren Eaton, Kaye George, Blu Gilliand, Seana Graham, Eirik Gumeny, R.L. Kelstrom, John Kenyon, BV Lawson, Evan Lewis, B. Nagel, Sean Patrick Reardon and Sandra Seamans.

Pages: 150

Available: Kindle

Kaye George Grimm Tales





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This is the third book in the travel murder series featuring tour operator Alex Trotter. 
Alex escorts a group of Chicago area writers to Key West to stay at the historic C'est La Vie hotel on Duval Street while they attend the city's annual Literary Seminar. 

On the first night one of the authors is humiliated by a female-impersonator at the adjoining "Some Lie It Hot" lounge. 

The next day, the performer is dead from a supposed heart attack, but Alex suspect he has been murdered. Can she prove it and name the killer? 

Boyfriend, Detective Arlie Tate joins Alex as her investigation reaches a shocking conclusion.

Publisher: Createspace
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
259 pages. 


  • Paperback $15.00
  • ebook: $3.99

Cheryl Peyton Murder in Margaritaville


Available at  Barnes and Noble. Also, at select local retail stores, and directly from the author.

This is the fourth book in the series featuring tour operator/amateur detective Alex Trotter, owner of Globe-Trotter Travels. Alex and her fiancé, homicide detective Arlie Tate, are about to get married before leaving on their honeymoon in France when Alex gets a phone call that changes their plans for sightseeing and romance: Alex’s father has been arrested for murdering his boss, Claudine Lyon, the notorious editor of Mode de Vie Français magazine in Paris.
While Alex is convinced of her dad’s innocence, investigator Gerard DuPree is just as convinced of his guilt. Arlie and Alex will have to team up to conduct their own investigation to find new evidence; but Alex will have to explore the world of haute couture on her own to uncover the jealousies and resentments that can reveal other suspects, which will put her own life in jeopardy.

ISBN13:  978-1530821877

Available as ebook/paperback

ebook: $3.99

Paperback: $15.00

Cheryl Peyton ~ Murder in Monmrtre



www.barnesandnoble.com, www.cheryljpeyton.com

Book Size6" x 9"

Book Page Count250

Alex Trotter, who owns and operates Globe Trotter Travels, has had misgivings about taking a group of thirteen tourists for a week’s vacation to sparsely populated Bedford Island off the coast of Georgia.  While discounting the Norse legend that “when thirteen eat together one will soon die,” as being pure superstition, real concerns about the trip remain, including:  the dangerous wildlife on the island, the lack of manmade resources, and the lack of electronic communication and physical access to the island.

Still, Alex couldn’t have imagined the fireworks that would erupt as soon as the group gathers at the historic Grover Inn;or the inexplicable near-fatal “accidents: that occur soon afterwards.

When one of them is found murdered, everyone becomes a suspect, as hidden motives and shady pasts of the group members and the hotel employees begin to emerge.  Is hedge-fund manager Lawrence Livermore operating a Ponzi scheme that he’d be willing to kill to keep secret?  Do the nervous bird-like mannerisms of receptionist Tina Wrenn betray some guilty knowledge”  Could the murderer be the reclusive night janitor/watchman Virgil Grimm who stays in the shadows but sees all?  Or, could the murderer be one of several in the group who has been insulted, mistreated, or abused by the victim?

Although a suspect herself, Alex feels responsible to help out low-keyed Detective Arlie Tate to unravel the mystery, but is put in peril of losing her own life.

This is a whodunit in the classical tradition, with memorable characters in an isolated setting who are drawn into a multi-layered mystery, punctuated by murder.  Written more in the style of P.G. Wodehouse than Dashielle Hammett, the story is meant to amuse, entertain and keep you in suspense.

This is the first in my “Vacation to Die For” series featuring tour director and sometimes sleuth, Alex Trotter.

Available in:
soft cover (5.5" x 8.5", 316 pages) $15.00
Ebook $ 3.99

Cheryl Peyton Murder on Bedford Island: It Was a Vacation to Die For

Tour operator Alex Trotter has been hired by a former schoolmate, the exotic Jasmine Keahu, to arrange for and oversee her wedding/honeymoon cruise to Bermuda.

Alex predicts a “sea of trouble” ahead when she learns that the groom is the notorious global art dealer Victor Garza, and that the guest list includes disapproving family members, a vengeful ex-partner, an acerbic art critic, and temperamental artists.

Hoping for the best, Alex invites her new romantic interest, Detective Arlie Tate, to come along as her guest. Although their relationship has progressed, their engaging banter and misadventures continue as they encounter peculiar personnel and activities on The Bermuda Queen.

The cruise and the marriage get off to a turbulent start when fights erupt during the reception; but, when one of the party is found murdered, and other lives are threatened, Alex and Arlie must unearth secrets and lies to expose the evil on board before someone else is killed.

In the end, Alex will have to pull off her most courageous and daring feat ever to save her own life.

Genre: Thriller
Available in: soft cover (6×9, 372 pages) $15.00, Ebook $ 3.99

At AmazonBarnes and Noble, and as an ebook on amazon.com.

Signed copies are available by emailing the author below


Cheryl Peyton Murder on the Bermuda Queen

This is the fifth book in the author's travel mysteries series, featuring tour operator, Alex Trotter.

Alex's husband, Homicide Detective Arlie Tate, agrees to help her escort a group of seniors on a European river cruise.

He couldn't imagine that his help would include investigating a murder before they left the first port city of Amsterdam.

ISBN13: 978-154559904, 10: 1545599041

Available in: ebook/paperback

Price: $15 paperback, $3.99 in Kindle version


Book Size:

5.5" x 8.5"

Book Page Count:


Cheryl Peyton ~ Murder on the Rhine

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Imogene Duckworthy, who yearns to be a PI, has landed a job assisting Mike Mallett in Wymee Falls, Texas. Bringing home a pot-bellied pig as a birthday gift for her daughter, Nancy Drew Duckworthy, Immy discovers the body of the owner of Jerry's Jerky hanging in the smokeroom. Now she has her chance to prove her skills.

Pages: 282

Available in: Paperback/Kindle

Paperback: $10.99

Kaye George Smoke





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