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Literary Fiction

Imogene Duckworthy is twenty-two and has a job (PI assistant) and a new car (used). She loves her mother, but it's time she was on her own.

The problem is her daughter Nancy Drew Duckworthy’s pet potbelly. Not a lot of rentals in Wymee Falls will permit a pig, even one as cute and charming as Marshmallow. Jersey Shorr of Shorr Realty manages to find something, but there are rumors that the house is haunted. Immy tells herself she doesn’t believe in ghosts. She signs the contract and plans to move in before Halloween. 

What she doesn’t plan on is the very real, very dead body in the bathtub. And the fact that the most logical murder suspect is her Uncle Dewey, fresh out of prison. Immy can’t allow her long-lost relative to be railroaded for a crime he (possibly) didn’t commit, can she?

Pages: 273

Available in Paperback/Kindle

Paperback: $10.99

Kaye George Broke



Twenty-two-year-old Imogene Duckworthy has been waiting tables at Huey's Hash in tiny Saltlick, TX, itching to jump out of her rut and become a detective. When Uncle Huey is found murdered in his own diner, a half-frozen package of mesquite-smoked sausage stuffed down his throat, Immy, an unwed mother who has always longed to be a PI, gets her chance to solve a real crime.

See amazon.com/dp/1477571507 for paperback 2nd edition.

Pages: 313

Available in: Paperback/Kindle

Paperback: $ 11.99

Kindle: $3.99

Kaye George Choke



Journey is a fictional work about an anonymous teenager living on the fringes of society. Assigned to an alternative school, minimally functional in academics, he spends much of his time spoiling for a fight. Angry, resistant, and mistrustful, he is at first unaware of the fact that he is changing, as he begins a journey of self-examination and gains a more balanced view of himself. This book frequently uses realistic language and depicts his struggles with peers, staff members, and most of all within himself, and ends with many issues still to be resolved; Journey is about a young man’s first steps, and the fact that he realizes that he is only beginning ends the book on a hopeful note. The structure of the book was inspired by one version of the Native American Medicine Wheel. The cover art is by Karah Tull.

Available in: Paperback / Ebook

Pages: 92

Price Paperback: $10.00

          Ebook $0.99

Jim Hartsell Journey

on Amazon

Rough around the edges, Josiah Jackson is a young man who loves his family and lives by his gut. When a past decision comes back to haunt him, Josiah looks for peace wherever he can find it. Mary Bailey has been alone for years, and never expects the way her life will change when new neighbors move in next door, bringing purpose and a bit of youth back to her life. After her mother's death, Lexi Jones finds herself back in Little River to care for her young nieces. She knew the move would change her life, but she never imagined how much. When the girl Brady Bowers has been chasing for most of his life moves back to town, he thinks his run of bad luck is over. He has no idea this girl will bring answers to a question he had long ago stopped asking. Fans of "Little River" will be thrilled to read the included Bonus Story, "Going Home."

Available: Paperback 

Price: $14.99 paperback   $3.99 eBook - Kindle

Size: 5.5x8.5

Pages: 144

Little River: Volume Two (Volume 2)- Rachel Holbrook



An extended family in small town East Tennessee navigates the troubled waters of growing up, religion, abuse, and social justice issues in Little River

Caleb Salt is fifteen. The youngest of four boys whose father is dead and whose mother is unwell, Caleb finds himself in the care of his uncle. As he finds his way in his own coming of age story, he meets a girl. (There's always a girl.) 

Titus Schillings is a man who has stepped up to the plate for his family time and time again as his own dreams of a family of his own seem less likely with each year that goes by. Unwilling to abandon his young nephews or his widowed sister, Titus risks losing the relationship that matters most to him. Finding himself the target of a small town hatred, Titus has to choose between his family and his happiness. 

Abigail Schillings doesn't always find her life as a Pastor's wife in a small town to be a good fit. Her wrong side of the tracks upbringing usurps her Christian mercy when her family is threatened. Abigail isn't afraid of hard decisions...especially when her children are involved. 

Jonathan Schillings is a man pulled in every direction; everyone wants a piece of his time. Balancing his own family, his extended family, and his church family has become exhausting to the young pastor, but, when one family turns on another, he has to choose between his church and his brother. Originally published as a weekly serial on the author's website, the first volume of weekly installments has been compiled into "Little River: Volume One."

Pages: 86

Size: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches

Rachel Holbrook Little River Vol 1Rachel Holbrook Little River Vol 1     

    Amazon                                         Barnes & Noble


"Matching Scars" continues Boone's story begun in "Pushing Back". 
Boone has a place to stay and enough to eat, but Gamaliel is back in the hospital and Boone’s getting more pressure from Jerry the longer he stays in Gamaliel’s house. Jerry wants him out, Carrie isn’t fighting for him as hard as she should, and the thought that a chance encounter with a rabid raccoon might take Frankie away from him devastates Boone. 
His friend Nancy’s reappearance is a shocker, but he quickly grows to depend on her and also on Tiny, a neighbor a few years older and a hell of a lot bigger than Boone is. 
As Gamaliel’s health worsens and Jerry gets bolder in his attempts to run Boone off, Boone also has to deal with the fact that he’s getting low on moonshine and his partner is lying in a hospital bed, unable to help him with the next batch. 
The secrets lying just under the surface in Nancy’s family and the revelation of just how far Jerry is willing to go to get rid of him show Boone that he’s not the only person bearing scars from the past.
ISBN: 1542365023
Available in Paperback - eBook
Price: Paperback $15.00   Kindle $2.99 
Book Size:                 8.5" x 5.5"
Book Page Count:             365
Jim Hartsell - Matching Scars
Tagged under

Tormented by an abusive father, Boone spends most of his time second-guessing himself and looking over his shoulder. He’s almost seventeen, old enough to walk out, but that would mean abandoning his mother and younger sister. Then, in a single weekend, everything changes. Boone is left struggling to come to terms with what just tore his family apart and the guilt he still feels about what happened to his brother Frankie. And to top it all, he sees the parts of his father that he hates most in some of his own thoughts and actions. With no one in his small farming community to turn to except maybe the old man who lives up the road, Boone’s options are limited. School is a waste of time, his money is almost gone, and if there’s one thing his daddy taught him, it’s not to trust anybody.

Available in: Paperback / Ebook

Price Paperback: $15.00

         Ebook $2.99

Size: 5.5x8.5

Pages: 326

Pushing Back (Boone) (Volume 1) - Jim Hartsell




Aspiring conductor and amateur sleuth Cressa Carraway returns for a second installment of music and murder in this fast-paced mystery from author Kaye George.

Fresh out of grad school, Cressa lands her dream job as conductor of a fledgling ensemble in Minnesota that aspires to grow into a major orchestra. Leaving her psychic friend Neek, boyfriend Daryl, and DePaul University behind, she quickly starts to wonder what she’s gotten herself into.

Cressa’s new friendship with the first chair violinist of the ensemble, Maddy Streete, gives her an opportunity to sing in a dysfunctional church choir, and also leads to an organist gig in the church across the street. While playing the organ helps supplement her meager conducting salary, it places her in empty churches more often than she’d like, forcing her to deal with homeless vagrants, drug paraphernalia—and corpses.

As she tries to make sense out of everything, Cressa digs deeper into the lives of her fellow musicians and newfound friends to uncover swirling currents of hatred, old wounds, bitter resentments—and unexpected information about the suspicious deaths of her own musician parents so many years ago.

Can Cressa sort out the clues before she becomes the next victim?

Pages: 154

Available in Paperback/Kindle

Paperback: $12.95

Kaye George Requiem in Red



Edward, a twenty-something part-time college student, lives an uneventful life and likes it that way. Then his relationships with Joey, a friend Edward is tutoring in math, and Melissa, a casual acquaintance, both take unexpected turns and complicate his life in ways that he never imagined, and he discovers things about Joey and Melissa (and himself) that completely change him.

Pages: 318

Available: Paperback, Kindle


Kindle: $2.99

Paperback: $ 15.00

Jim Hartsell ~ Rock, Paper, Siccors




Tagged under

Imogene Duckworthy, who yearns to be a PI, has landed a job assisting Mike Mallett in Wymee Falls, Texas. Bringing home a pot-bellied pig as a birthday gift for her daughter, Nancy Drew Duckworthy, Immy discovers the body of the owner of Jerry's Jerky hanging in the smokeroom. Now she has her chance to prove her skills.

Pages: 282

Available in: Paperback/Kindle

Paperback: $10.99

Kaye George Smoke





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