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The Erectolite Affair is the story of Peter Swingsright, a black sheriff in the white southern town of Profit, Alabama, who must solve a series of mysterious deaths of prominent elderly male residents. Befriended by white County Coroner “Shorty Long”, a diminutive genius who has gained national fame as a forensic pathologist, he learns the deaths are drug-related. He pursues his quest through a devastating hurricane that sweeps in from the Gulf of Mexico, a heart-pounding encounter with the KKK, a gang of redneck ED drug manufacturers and a busload of angry civil rights activists from Birmingham. This mad-cap romp keeps the reader roaring with laughter until Sheriff Swingsright solves the crimes and finds romance. Deliciously spicy, unpredictable and sprinkled with belly laughs, this zany tale will entertain and keep you reading. Its double entendres and hidden meanings allow it to be read on more than one level.

Available in: paperback (5-3/8×8-3/8, 284 pages) $14.95

Also available on Kindle and e-book.

BJ Gillum The Erectolite Affair


A humorous story that is --almost. 2016

Available in: paperback (5-1/2×8-1/2) $15.00

A collection of imagined conversations between the author and her 3-year old Havanese, a self-possessed little fellow who would express his attitude of superiority and disrespect verbally, if possible. The book covers many topics from those affecting dogs, like stays at sitters and boarding kennels, to human topics like cyber security and holiday celebrations. Included are valuable tips for choosing and raising a puppy, like, don't pick one that's the same color as your floors as you can easily lose sight of them and panic, or trip over them and hurt yourself. This book is recommended for anyone who has grown up loving and enjoying the company of dogs.



ISBN# 10:1983270156 and 13: 978-1983270154

Available in:
soft cover (6×9, 115 pages) $8.00
Kindle version Ebook $ 1.99

Cheryl Peyton Six Minutes to Midnight  on Amazon

A dedicated public servant A powerful religious leader and the secret militias. A gay biker combat battalion from San Francisco. Combat ready up-armored RV’s. Secret computer technology. All of them clash over an explosive national issue – Evolution VS Intelligent Design. Can they decide the question once and for all time on the plains outside Dayton, Tennessee – home of the famous Scopes Monkey Trial? Colonel Chris Lassiter (Ret) traded his military career for a less challenging job in the St. Louis school system. As guidance counselor and a firm believer in the theory of evolution, he had witnessed the emergence of an aggressive movement led by radical televangelist Reverend I. Timothy LaPorte II. The reverend, a firm believer in intelligent design, is a major proponent of establishing religious practices in public places. The two men have become leaders of their own national movements and militias in order to establish their own beliefs on a nationwide scale. A clash between the two opposites is inevitable.

** A unique look at a highly sensitive subject **

Available in: paperback (5-3/8×8-3/8, 284 pages) $14.95

Also available on Kindle and e-book.

BJ Gillum Darwins War

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‘Pert Near It But Not Plumb’ is a conversational phrase spoken by rural settlers in the U.S. Territories and other areas in the early 1700-1800’s prior to the availability of public education. A single word interpretation would mean almost. Another phrase commonly used at that time would be "I seed I knowed him so I wretched out and wove at him".

As you read these pages, the stories and comments may not be true . . . and then again . . . they may be plumb. However, one thing is for certain . . . both are almost.

Just like the title.
Available in: paperback (5-1/2×8-1/2) $15.00

A humorous and serious view of television and its commercials. Can you imagine the reaction of real rabbits when a television commercial announced a “free set of rabbit ears with every television set sold during their sale”? The whole story is in the book.

Available in: paperback (5-1/2×8-1/2, 75 pages) $15.00


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Friends, I simply feel compelled to write and free to write in any genre, but my overall goals are to encourage, enlighten, and entertain readers.

In Theories: Size 12, Go On, Get Mad, But You Know You'll Agree, readers will find a friend, and many laughs, on every page. This book pairs well with chocolate, potato chips, onion dip, and Pinot Grigio.

Pages: 192

Available: Paperback, Kindle

Paperback: $ 14.99


Jody Dyrer _ Theories



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