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The second book of the ‘Searchers Inc’ Series finds Shane Rose and his crew enjoying their first Christmas holiday together. Fun and relaxation ends with the ringing of the phone and the discovery of a tortured, barb-wire tied body on the I-15 freeway headed towards Las Vegas in sunny Southern California. Shane and his crew are needed to track a murderer; but are their special skills enough to be able to locate this vicious killer in the vast desert between California and Nevada?


Available in; Paperback eBook

Price: $13.99 / $3.99 $0.00 Kindle/unlimited

Pages: 220

Size: 6x9

Sharon Higa Desert Tracks: Searchers, Inc. Book II Amazon / Kindle

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A one month old baby found in a yacht floating off the coast of Catalina Island, alone and wrapped in burlap. Five other one month old infants found in just as strange circumstances. What do they have in common and what brings them together? Shane Rose and Jason Range – best friends since childhood and into college - form a unique investigation agency, with the help of ‘others’ who are like Shane. Their supernatural ‘talents’ are what pulls this group of seven young people together as a universal force in the ongoing battle of good vs. evil, and forms the agency of ‘Searchers, Inc.’ Working with the local police authorities and eventually the FBI, Shane and his Crew end up being pulled into a case of large proportions – helping to locate and break up an international ring of human traffickers specializing in children. This is further complicated when they find out that the latest children to be taken, twin girls, are gifted like them and can actually tip the balance of good and evil if they are not rescued as well. Soon it becomes a race against time to get to the children before they are swept out of reach and into an uncertain and ugly future.

ISBN: 978-149569218

Available in: Paperback/eBook

Price: $10.99 Kindle: $3.50 Kindle Unlimited: $0.00

Pages: 208

Size: 6x9

Sharon Higa Rose and Steelon Amazon

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Sometimes, what we can't see is the real danger. What lies beneath the seemingly calm water? What monsters swim, waiting for a chance to strike? Be careful when swimming at...the dam.Paul Harvey thought his new job with TVA would be perfect – no stress, no politics – just the ability to do what he loved most and did best; Scuba Diving. As a matter of fact, he’d convinced his diving buddy and best friend of fifteen years, Steve James, to come down and work with him. Sure, he’d heard the ‘town rumors’, the ‘urban legends’ about the lake, but there was no way this seasoned veteran of the waters would ever buy into them. After all, they’d dove in some of the most dangerous oceans around the world. What could possibly be down there that they couldn’t handle?

Publisher: J Ellington Ashton Press (October 4, 2013)

Available: eBook

Price: $0.99

Sharon Higa - The Dam Amazon/Kindle

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February 1, 2031. The virus dubbed by the media as 'The Zombiefication Plague' has struck worldwide. The deadly disease turns people into raging, flesh rending, rotting/liquefying creatures attacking every still living individual in their wake. Dr. Carl Gavois, a researcher at the CDC, is in a race against time to come up with an antidote before all of mankind is consumed by this plague. Will he come up with a solution or are we, as a species, all doomed?

ISBN: 978-1539549994

Available in: Paperback / eBook

Price: $9.99 Kindle: $2.99 KindleUnlimited: $0.00

Pages: 118

Size 6x9

Sharon Higa Z-regenAmazon

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