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Cozy Mysteries

Katie Chupp arrives for work on what seems like a normal morning – only to discover that a disaster has taken over the bakery . . .

Not only do she and her co-workers have quite the mess to deal with – they must figure out who destroyed all of their hard work and trashed the bakery.

What will they do about the mess?

How will they find out who is responsible?

Will they be able to replace their lost orders . . . save the holiday festivities . . . and keep the intruder from continuing their breaking and eating spree?

Find out . . . in Blueberry Cupcake Mystery; the first cozy mystery of Naomi Miller‘s Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series.

Katie Chupp is not the only person in Abbott Creek looking forward to the most romantic holiday of the year. . .

But Valentine’s Day will not be all hearts and flowers. There are secrets to be kept, feelings to be explored, and difficult decisions to be made — and each one has something to do with the heart.

Will those secrets come between friends? Will the happy couples in Abbott Creek get to celebrate. . . together? With the demand for sweet treats fierce this year. will the Sweet Shop’s baker find time for romance?

And will one young woman be able to live with the choice she must make on the most romantic day of the year?

Book 5 of the Sweet Shop Mysteries series

It’s Christmas time in Abbott Creek, and who would expect a mystery… or even two… to pop up and interrupt Katie while she tries to keep up with the Holiday rush?

With a winter chill settling in and Christmas right around the corner, no one would expect a mystery, but a mystery does indeed appear…

Katie Chupp is spending her days catering to the holiday rush, but she soon finds herself in the midst of a secret project that attracts more attention than she wants.

And when one local family finds a very unexpected surprise at their door, this is one mystery that may never be solved… even by Katie.

Book 2 of the Sweet Shop Mysteries series

Eight stories of women who got rid of the biggest problem in their lives...
Enter a world where a woman has to deal with an obsessed lover - one who won't let *anything* stop him from coming back. Meet a harried housewife who's finally gotten her drunkard husband to 'dry out' in a very special, very dead way. Finally, visit a lonely lodge in the woods...where an philanderer is going to learn a lesson. One involving straps, a straight-edge razor, and a gallon of barbeque sauce...
Ever since Frankie gave it to Johnny with her big .44, the war between the sexes has become ever more inventive.
Especially when it comes to getting even.

Pages: 172

Available: Paperback/Kindle

Kindle: $4.99

Paperback: $7.99

Kay George He Had It Coming: Eight stories of women who got rid of the biggest problem in their lives?


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Amelia Simpkins may be a great cook, and have a head for business, but sweet treats are out of her league and the owner of the Irish Blessings Cafe says it’s because she adds the tart to the Sweet Shop’s new dessert that Katie Chupp insists is only filled with lemony goodness.

The two shop owners’ constant bickering sends sparks flying through Abbott Creek’s usual calm… and when Andrew’s cafe suffers from some rather unusual pest problems, the town starts taking sides.

This is one mystery Katie wants no part of. But working for Mrs. Simpkins may put her in the middle – whether she intends to take sides . . . or not.

Book 3 of the Sweet Shop Mysteries series

Mandy adores Bavarian Krisp donuts. A nice day at Boston Common with her niece, Ella, turns ugly when her quest for the goodies takes her down a dark path. Out of work and out of donuts. What lengths will she go to in order to satisfy her sweet tooth? A short story from our Fingerprints line.

Pages: 11

Available: Kindle

Price: $0.99

Kaye George Bavarian Krisp Donuts





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