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Christian Fiction / Adults

Will Leah Fisher find love because of a buggy accident?
Could love soften Leah’s heart so that she is able to see her answered prayers in Naomi Yoder or will she drive a wedge between her father and the only woman he has shown interest in since Elisabeth Fisher’s death?

Leah Fisher lost her mother ten years ago. She is rapidly approaching womanhood and the lack is becoming more difficult every day.

Will she be able to recognize love when it’s right in front of her?

Could love be the key to Leah opening her heart, making room for the woman her father intends to marry… or will she stubbornly cling to the memory of her own mother?

Will Leah be able to let go of her own ideas and realize that God truly does know best for her or will she allow love to slip through her fingers, destroying Samuel Fisher and Naomi Yoder’s happiness at the same time?

God continually calls to us:
“Come away with me to the Secret Place”

Destiny’s Journey is one woman’s real life story about how Father God continued to speak to her from early in life, to draw her and minister to her.

He brought her out of a life of being verbally, physically and mentally abused. A life that was lost and on the road to hell.

Destiny’s Journey is not “about her” but about what God did in her and what He can do for others through her story.

Go on a journey with this 1st time author; you too may experience freedom and completeness in your life!

Available in: Paperback/ Kindle

Paperback      $15.99  Kindle Edition $7.99

Size:               6x9

Pages:             240

Darlene Underwood Destiny's Journey on Amazon


God places Kairos moments in our lives to change our perspectives. These opportune moments spring up at just the right time as God moves through our lives, revealing the people, paths, and experiences that we need in that season. God has the ultimate timing, and this is how he provides the ultimate encouragement. Inspired by her prayer journal focused on these opportunities for growth, Denise Sherriff's inspirational book Kairos Moments is a compilation of observations of God's hand in our lives. From deepening relationships, healing offenses, and bridling pride, the author addresses the everyday moments that, together, build our lives. With a good dose of humor and big helping of humility, Kairos Moments delivers the truth about what seem to be random acts, but soon reveal themselves to be much bigger. Paired with scripture from God's Word, each chapter will take you on an exploration of the Bible's message and how we can apply it each and every day. Take the first step to embracing God's opportunities with a heart of servitude, sincerity, and encouragement.

ISBN: 978-1545606247

Available in: Paperback - Kindle

Price: Paperback $15.99 Kindle: 


Size: 6x9

Denise Sherriff _ Kairos Moments on Amazon

To believers and nonbelievers alike, the Three Wise Men are highly mysterious figures. In the nativity story, they arrive after the birth of Jesus, having followed a star across the desert. But who were these men? Where did they come from? How were they connected—if in fact they were? And was a star the only reason for their famous journey, or was there more to it?


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