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Author Dr. Eva Nell Mull Wike is a storyteller. This account of her Uncle Johnny Mull, “Fiddler of the Mountains” resonates with the special flavor of vernacular Appalachian mountain language, the way Johnny and his ancestors talked. Unrequited love becomes a part of her story played out on Tusquittee in North Carolina and all plaintively told much as the strains of a fiddle ballad are played to the tunes passed from one generation to another. On a lighter note, the author shares her explorations on the Isle of Mull off the coast of Scotland in her search of Mull ancestors who may have originated there. Continuing the account she began in “The Matheson Cove – In the Shadow of the Devil’s Post Office” Dr. Wike pursues her Mull family saga to the delightful accompaniment of mountain music by Johnny Mull and others. You will like the harmony of her book which itself is a song dedicated to and based upon the solidarity of a loving family.

Available on Amazon.com in Hardback (10×7, 96 pages) $25.00

Eva Nell Wike Fiddler of the Mountains

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Eva Wike Restored Fiddle

Johnny Mull’s Restored Fiddle

What’s this book about? It's about TRUTH. According to the Internet and the media, the Founding Fathers were deists and atheists.That is NOT TRUE. The Historical Record is clear: The Signers of the Declaration of Independence, an exemplar of the Founding Fathers, were, for the most part, men of religious faith. The reader is directed to hundreds of historical references, many accessible online, which tell us the TRUTH that none of the Signers of the Declaration
were publicly professing atheists and only a handful of them were ever publicly categorized as deists in their day. (And most of those characterizations were NOT TRUE.) 

Richard Cross vividly remembers the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. As a Security Officer for the CIA, it had been his assignment two years previously to protect his President, and he clearly understood with his head as well as his heart what a world-shaking event this would turn out to be. Always curious about the many conspiracy theories that began swirling around almost immediately, Cross used the springboard of the Warren Commission's release in 2013 of papers that had been sealed for 50 years to focus his investigative skills on finding the real reason Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy. Was he a KGB agent? Mostly likely. Was he following orders from the KGB? Less likely; in fact, Cross surmises, Oswald was a rogue agent, following his own inner impulses, against the wishes of the Soviets. Cross puts heart as well as his head into this fascinating, thorough treatise.

  • Paperback: 256 pages
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Lee Harvey Oswald: A Rogue KGB Agent (Kennedy / Oswald) (Volume 2)


Nick and Viola is a family story about a neglected period of Kentucky history and traces the impact of the tobacco wars on three generations of the Muntz family. The story, lost for two generations, recreates a family’s experience before tobacco farmers had any safety net; when monopolies controlled the price of tobacco. In 1904 the American Tobacco Company (ATC) dropped prices for tobacco below the cost of production. Populist groups formed to “pool” or hold tobacco off the market to force higher prices. Because pooling was voluntary, tensions arose between neighbors who pooled and those who didn’t. Vigilante groups, known as “Night Riders,” attacked barns and crops, and sometimes beat and killed those who refused to join the pool. Nick and Viola and their relatives did not join the pool and suffered the consequences. A barn full of tobacco burned, a gunshot killed an innocent man, and a family fell apart.

In researching the book, Derr realized the story was more than a family history. “I found that the world of tobacco was a major theme in the book. All the rituals of tobacco—planting, tilling, housing, selling—were essential to the story of my family over three generations.” The economic and political pressures of the time were also key to the story. “I knew nothing about the tobacco wars when I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. I heard stories about night riders, but never knew why they existed. Writing the book was like piecing together the puzzle of my childhood world. I began to understand the forces that created the world in which I grew up.”

Available in:
paperback (5×8, 194 pages) $11.28 when ordered $10.00 in person
Kindle E-book $7.99

Laura Derr Nick and Viola: A Kentucky Family Tragedy in the Tobacco Wars (1904-1911)

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Richard F. Cross,author of "Lee Harvey Oswald - Rogue KGB Agent," shares the details of his interesting life in this action packed memoir. A security specialist and off-shore sailor as well as a former CIA agent, he continues to edify and entertain us with his latest work. Cross takes the safety of his country ... the USA ... very much to heart, and in his reflections offers guidance to his fellow citizens.

Richard Cross, author of "Lee Harvey Oswald - Rogue KGB Agent," has found it in his heart to share the true, heartbreaking story of his beloved son Rick, lost to his loving family through the insidious nightmare of drug addiction. Even though Rick had advantages others could only hope for - a loving family, financial support, an impressive I.Q., and a good education, he was unable to resist the siren call of marijuana, then OxyCodone and other prescription pain killers, and finally heroin and cocaine.

His younger brother, adopted at the age of twelve months when Rick was six years old, had his own issues. Born with special needs, Kevin became easy prey for both the system and his so-called friends, finally succumbing to alcoholism as a young man. Both brothers had access to first-rate rehabilitation centers. Kevin would not stay for the program in which he was enrolled, but Rick did - he stuck it out for the entire three years, and after his release was able to find meaningful employment with a generous salary; he finally began to live the life for which he had always planned. Sadly, the temptation put in front of him by a fiancee with access to prescription painkillers proved to be too much for him, and Rick met a violent, sad end at age 42.

Richard Cross tells his son's story with compassion and deep love, and with the fervent hope that this stark, truthful look at the real life of an addict will help others to avoid the path he followed.

Like most Americans who were alive when it happened, Richard Cross vividly remembers where he was and what he was doing at 11:40 a.m. on November 22, 1963 – the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

As a member of the CIA physical security team, Cross had protected President Kennedy two years earlier and was particularly shaken by his assassination. He closely followed the resulting arrests and investigations, but despite exhaustive government and law enforcement research, he felt there was more to the story – that the events and players that intersected that day were on a trajectory with roots interconnected in murky but interconnected scenarios. The Warren Commission concluded that the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was not part of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign, to assassinate the President. But did Oswald truly act alone?

The Overlooked Letters is a carefully researched examination of Oswald and his connections to the former Soviet Union and the KGB. It’s a book that will have you reexamining the facts and conclusions surrounding this American tragedy as the author presents his theory about what really happened that fateful day.

Available in:

Paperback (6 x 9, 98 pages) $8.95
Hardcover $21.27
Kindle e-book $4.99

Richard F Cross The Overlooked Letters

In August of 1946, the Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis was canceled for only the fourth time in its nearly one-hundred-year history. The previous cancellations had been due to this country being engaged in war: the Civil War and World War II. The Fair’s failure to open in the summer of 1946 was due to this country waging a different kind of war against an unseen, but deadly, enemy: poliomyelitis, a disease of the central nervous system which could cripple or even kill, mostly children. Polio had created a panic as its victims were so young, its transmission was unknown and there was no cure.

Four years earlier, a British nurse, known as “Sister” Kenny, had come to Minneapolis from Australia to open a clinic for the treatment of paralytic polio, as the area had a disproportionately high number of these cases. Elizabeth Kenny had developed her own techniques to treat unresponsive limbs, which had been shown to be effective in her work in the Outback. Even so, her techniques remained controversial and were not used elsewhere.

Jeannie Erickson was not yet two years’ old in the summer of 1946 and living with her family in Minneapolis when she contracted the virulent strain of polio during an afternoon outing. Days later, when the symptoms emerged, Jeannie was rushed to the hospital and placed in an iron lung in the Kenny Institute. Two weeks later she was removed from the ventilator but faced the dire diagnosis of permanent paralysis of her legs, to never walk again.

This is the story of Jeannie’s struggle against the disease, from her first hospitalization, through multiple surgeries and difficult treatments, to adulthood when she was able to live a full and satisfying life. In the telling, the book looks inside the children’s polio wards of the 1940s and 1950s, where the young patients spent months at a time, only able to see their families for two hours a week. It is an inspiring tale of courage and dedication of Jeannie, her doctors, and her family.

Genre: True Life Novel

Available in:
soft cover (6×9, 196 pages) $12.00
Ebook $ 2.99

Cheryl Peyton Walk On Through the Rain


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