Readers are falling in love with Titha & Paw, their companions, and the world of Gaela! “Loved how Yythengrey, Autumnhill, and the wider world feels old and lived in, but the language used is in a voice for this generation. A great novel to introduce young fans into the fantasy genre for this reason and many others!” Jump into this “A timeless fantasy epic in the vein of The Hobbit’s daring, world-spanning adventure” today! Discover the first book in author & illustrator Jon B. Dalvy’s children’s fantasy series with The Ballad of Titha Mae! Titha loves her father, Theole, with all her excitable heart.

The two are indigo-skinned Lunas: a spritely people forbidden to leave the treehalls of Yythengrey. So when their once friendly Dawnfather, the twisted dragon Vulduun, desecrates their homeland and kidnaps Theole, no one is willing to risk saving him – except his daughter, Titha Mae. Such a brash gesture leads the little Luna and her Bear-brother, Paw, on a fantastical journey far beyond the only foliage-filled mountains she’s ever known. Raised beneath the Great Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee, Jon B. Dalvy crafted The Ballad of Titha Mae from his adventurous Appalachian youth, historical mythology, and his Celtic heritage.

Titha Mae was born from these passions, as well as bedtime stories created for his three little sisters and two younger brothers. The brothers having plenty of classical male heroes to choose from growing up, ‘The Ballad’ is dedicated to (and based upon) Jon’s three little sisters “and the light they hold”, in hopes of bringing more lionhearted young heroines to the forefront of fantasy literature. The result is an epic adventure featuring a brand new world ripe with its own rich mythology and eclectic characters, all born of fantastical races both new and old! Join Titha and her companions on a journey you’ll never want to end, and will surely never forget!

Available in Paperback

Price: $14.99

Pages: 343

Size: 5.2X8″