New Release by Russell Fine

Quest For Power

It was two years before the presidential election, and    William Grissom, the richest man in the United States,  decided that he also wanted power. He was sure his wealthy friends felt the same way, so hosted a meeting with the twenty-five richest people in the world to ask them to finance the presidential campaign of a socialist-leaning politician they could control with money. Once the U.S. became a socialist country they were sure the rest of the world would follow. That would guarantee their continued wealth and give them the political power they craved. Twenty-four of the people he invited attended the meeting. They agreed with his plan, and each of them made an initial contribution of $20,000,000 to the campaign fund. A candidate was chosen and they put their plan in motion. It appeared the plan would prove to be successful. But sometimes, no matter how meticulously you plan, something can still go wrong.