Authors Guild May Meeting on May 5

Anita Henderlight, Senior Advisor of Africa Education and Leadership Initiative spoke to the membership about how they could use creative promotional strategies in marketing their books. In discussing social media, Anita pointed out that Face Book, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Tic Toc, and Snapchat are apps that are often used to purchase things that are posted. As Anita said, if someone is following you on social media and you post regularly, they get to know you and may want to buy your book.

Anita further broke down these sites as to their various purposes and how long posts stay up. On all sites posts should: educate, enlighten, inspire, encourage, and entertain.

The second part of her talk centered on in-person selling at fairs and festivals, suggesting that setting out various items to attract attention and spark conversation about your books.

Anita concluded with advice to focus on your strengths, that no one can do it all.