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Richard F. Cross, CPP has a degree in history and worked as security officer for the CIA prior to the Kennedy assassination. After the CIA he worked as a security expert and consultant with engagements at major financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. He is author of two bank security reference manuals and past president of ASIS International.

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30 April 2015


My new book to be released soon is OSWALD A ROGUE KGB AGENT:

My primary and secondary research leads me to aver that Oswald was a rogue KGB agent when he assassinated President Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. Available on Amazon.com. 


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Interview with Author

What inspired you to write this book after so many years?

After a health crisis, I chose herbs as the main means to recovery. As I researched them, I became intrigued about growing them, since I am both a nurse and a gardener. Having a bit of a teacher in me as well, I wanted to share what I had learned with others.

What new information has been found that was not available to the Warren Commission?

Subsequent to the publishing THE OVERLOOKED LETTERS in late October 2013, I discovered another declassified CIA document wherein the CIA was opening mail into and out of the Soviet Union during the period to Kennedy’s assassination (this would have included Warren Commission Exhibit 315 discussed above). I have found no evidence that this highly sensitive source and method of intelligence collection was made available the Warren Commission. I continue my research for the truth about this tragic event in American history to be reported in my second book on the assassination.

How did you find fresh primary source information about an event that happened so long ago?

I began by carefully reading the Warren Commission report (available online) and documenting Oswald’s past prior to the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. I also read the declassified CIA report on the U-2 project. During my two year CIA assignment as junior security officer in Tokyo, Japan, I saw a U-2 aircraft at the Naval Air Station in Atsugi. At that time, I did not have a security clearance for the U-2 project and believed the cover story that the U-2 was an Air Force weather reconnaissance aircraft, as I had no need to know its true purpose – overflights of the Soviet Union.

The declassified CIA report listed the U-2 flying altitude at 70,000 feet well above Soviet capability to shot it down with a surface to air missile. It was essential for the Soviets to know the actual flying altitude of the U-2 to begin the development of a missile capable of downing the U-2 aircraft.

My research on Oswald disclosed he was a Marine Corps trained radar operator while assigned to Naval Air Station at Atsugi, Japan. Oswald knew the flying altitude of the U-2. I believe Oswald disclosed the U-2 flying altitude to the Soviet KGB.

What motivated you to write about President Kennedy’s assassination?

I purchased and read the Associated Press abridgement publication of the Warren Commission report when it was published in 1964. I did not believe the Warren Commission’s finding that there was no evidence of either a domestic or foreign conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy during this period of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. During the 1950s and early 1960s, I was a CIA security officer engaged in protecting sensitive Top Secret sources and methods used to collect intelligence about the USSR and its military capability to attack the United States.

While writing my personal memoirs in 2012, I discovered Warren Commission Exhibit 315 which is a copy of a letter written by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1962 to his brother Robert wherein Lee reports he saw U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers in Moscow. Oswald at this time was a stateless person living in Minsk, USSR four hundred-fifty miles from Moscow. Thus, I began researching the Warren Commission Report at the National Archives and declassified CIA files on the U-2 project.


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