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“If my book were to be located on the shelf of a major bookstore, it would be located between the books of John LeCarre and Harper Lee – Something a writer’s dreams are made of!”

Patricia Ann Ledford grew up in Kingsport, a small town in east Tennessee. An early career in politics evolved into managing marketing campaigns for corporate clients and ultimately into working on film projects and producing television programming. After forty years of copywriting for clients in Nashville and Chattanooga, she finally achieved a life-time goal of writing stories of her own creation. “Strings – The Story of Hope” is her first novel.

She divides her time between writing in her North Carolina hideaway and enjoying family and cultural activities in Chattanooga.

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Every morning I sat in my rocking chair facing the Lord’s extraordinary work of nature.    I read the Bible, then I tried to be still.  After all, that’s one reason the Lord sent me here.  

One morning as I looked across the mountain ranges, I heard “Your grandfather was born right over there”.  I began my search for his birthplace in the next few days.  And in my search, trekking one graveyard after another, I found my story:  “Strings-The Story of Hope”.    It is loosely inspired by what the writer in me imagined during my ventures —  the story of a 15-year-old girl who escapes her burning home only to encounter traumatizing events that bind inescapable strings around her soul.

“Strings-The Story of Hope” spans four generations from 1776-1804.

“It’s a 15-year-old girl’s journey from absolute security and naivety into the worst series of events imaginable.  After Dragging Canoe’s warriors attack, she flees her burning home on horseback.  Things get worse before they get better,” says Ledford.  “Strings of hurtful events quickly destroy Hope’s innocence, wrapping her heart in deeply buried memories.  She resists relationships of any kind.  That is, until her search for her father leads to an unexpected friendship.  You’ll have to read the book to see if the hurtful strings unravel enough to allow love.”

As Tennessee’s first film commissioner, Ledford and her team recruited over 35 films to the state, including “The River” starring Mel Gibson, filmed in the Tri-Cities area.   “I had a crazy career of 100-hour work weeks until two years ago, when the Lord led me back to the mountains to write.”

Set in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina, “Strings-The Story of Hope” is a great gift for friends and loved ones who are interested in horses, local history, and romance, with a story travelling from the Boones Creek area, up the Doe River to Roan Mountain, Sycamore Shoals, the Blue Ridge mountains, and the Watauga Settlement [Tri-Cities].



      Traumatic events linger  –

                        like strings tightly binding one’s soul.



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