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Nadine Richmond was born in Chicago but has lived in TN for 28 years. During that time she worked for over 20 years as a Food Service Director. From May 2014- December 2015 she was the Executive Director of the non-profit organization Jackson’s Empowerment and Enrichment Complex. However four years ago God called her out of that to focus on ministry full-time. She has studied the word of God extensively for over 30 years and she accepted the Lord as her savior and became a Christian at the age of 19. 

Today her passion is studying the Bible, she has a heartfelt desire for people to know who Jesus is and the relationship they have with him.  She is a minister of the gospel and the Co-Founder of the organization The Church Readiness Ministries. She has a published book titled “The New Birth: Going Onto Perfection.”  

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading and working puzzles. She also holds two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Business Administration from Ashford University. She resides in Tennessee with her husband.

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01 November 2017
Tips & Hints

Did I mention that the program is FREE all you need to do is register for an account.  When you create a design you have many design templates to choose from.  Keep the sections of the design you want and delete what you don’t want.  Many of the designs are FREE but if you would like you can purchase a design for $1.00, that’s right ONE DOLLAR.  All you have to do is drag and drop and edit anyway you would like.  You can even upload your own images.  After you finish the design you can download it to your computer.

Another program I have used is GIMP2.  It is the same program as Photoshop the only difference is that it is free.  I have used this program before however it is not so easy; I would have been lost without tutorials. These tutorials can be found on YouTube, they will teach you how to do just about anything or you can download their tutorial.  I used this program to make my book cover because Createspace had certain guidelines you have to follow.

I have included two of my designs. 

Here is a link to Canva


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31 August 2017

Faith is very important to a Christian. Trusting in the promises of God is what keeps us from giving up.  

A couple of months ago God showed me something about faith.  My daughter was making homemade baked beans to take to work because it was the last day of school in Jackson.  She put everything together and then she put them in the oven to cook.  She then went into the next room to work on her discussion questions for the classes she is taking.  Later when I checked on the beans to see if they were ready, I called her but she didn’t answer.  When I checked she had fallen asleep, she was so tired after working all day. 

This is what God showed me.

My daughter was able to fall asleep because she was not worried, she had the assurance that me, her mother would take care of everything.  She had the assurance that I would not let the baked beans burn, she had the assurance that I would take care of whatever needed to be done.  She knew that I would clean up the kitchen and put away the dishes.  How did she know this?  She was confident in this knowledge because of her past experiences with me; she knew that I was faithful.

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31 August 2017
I am glad to be accepted as a member of The Authors Guild of TN. I look forward to meeting and getting to know the other members of the group. 
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