Linda Shepherd

My entire life has been one great adventure – from youth to the present. My mother was from the east and my dad from the south. This country division caused us to travel from one group of relatives to the next and, sometimes we stayed long enough for me to attend school and make friends. With this framework, it is no wonder I had no problem packing up and moving when my husband’s career required our relocating numerous times over the years. We began our journeys on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where we encountered starfish, sharks, and hurricanes. Visiting the dunes where the Wright brothers launched themselves into the air as well as history to the sands where wild horses roam. Raw oysters fresh from the ocean, deep sea fishing, and champagne breakfasts on the beach – the Outer Banks is an area I will always love.

I had no problem hooking a trailer to the pickup, putting the dog in the back and heading to Arizona. Arizona will always be special to me due to its versatility. Flagstaff offered horseback riding in the snow-capped mountains, Native American Pow Wows, and car shows galore. Whether riding a bike or boarding the local shuttle, it was easy to go from the Lowell telescope to the many museums and lost settlements. While touring Flagstaff is awe inspiring, you only need to stand outside at the right night in Phoenix and witness the mysterious lights floating over Superstition Mountains, (which we witnessed one evening) or wonder of wonders, ride out a desert tornado, and you know you are observing some of the wonders this country has to offer.
The mountains between Tucson and Phoenix offer snow play areas where you can pull off the road and make snow angels. In the summer, Sedona offers areas where you can pull over and swim the creeks and pools provided by the melting mountain snow.

Then there was the opportunity to feed stingrays at Sea World in Florida and travel by boat to a remote island while two dolphins led the way. Riding a flatboat, with alligators swimming alongside, I made it a point to visit the Manatees of Homosassa Springs, Florida.
And now I am here in Crossville, Tennessee, where I can continue my journey of exploring, learning, and sharing the many wonders of the world around me. I have canoed the Caney, ate cotton candy from the 127-yard sale, and prowled the halls of Brushy Mountain Prison. I have truly been blessed by being a vagabond and intend to remain open to all opportunities presented to me. Life is one long journey and has many gifts to offer – we just need to accept them.

And in keeping with my life’s journey my first two books pass on things I have discovered while exploring Crossville, Tennessee. My books are for sale in Amazon and Walmart’s bookstores.
As all authors, I would be grateful for feed back and reviews. You can visit me at the following sites and let me know what you have found on your life’s journey.


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