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“You’ll be Sorry!” is John Miller’s first book. As a young boy John Miller was told he had a vivid imagination. He had some ideas that he wanted to put down on paper. He likes to share these images and stories in his head with his readers. He writes as if you’re sitting on the front porch drinking tea and He’s telling you a story.He grew up in the small town of Oliver Springs Tennessee. His mother moved him there when he was 12 and he enjoyed growing up in a small community.
John Miller is an animal lover and it shows in his books.In his books there is some sort of animal whether it be a dog, coyote or horses. John miller has two rescue dogs that he loves very much. Snowball and Bryan were shelter dogs that he adopted and are a big part if his life. John Miller had an Idea of mixing old west and modern times thus the Gladstone series came about. He is really excited about the Gladstone series and the concept behind it. He hopes his readers enjoy reading the series as he had so much fun in writing it.
He just finished his first full length Novel. Its a western story called “Trail Dust.” The book is about a Civil War veteran who leaves Tennessee in search of his brother. Along the way circumstance makes him a U.S. Marshal and he recruits some unlikely characters to help him.He’s currently working on the third and final installment of the Gladstone series and it should be done some time later this year. He likes to write and share his ideas with friends, the public who want a little mystery,romance and of course action and adventure. John Miller hopes his readers like his imagination and characters he creates in his books.

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Interview with Author

Why did you decide to write a western?

I have always been fascinated with the old west as a small boy growing up with John Wayne movies. I own an 18 wheeler, so while driving across Wyoming or Montana I always wondered how the old pioneers did it on their treck westward. It takes me about 7 hours to drive the 402 miles across the state with heat in the Winter and air-conditioning in the Summer. I feel for the early pioneers or settlers heading west and wonder how long it took them and the hardships they had to face. The old west is a mystery to us all and we can only go by what is told in history books or legend’s.

What made you want to write a series called Gladstone?

The Gladstone books are an idea I came up with about mixing modern times with the old west. The reason for a series of books is that the character’s are so likeable. So far Susan is the most favorite of all characters in the Gladstone series and to be honest, she is mine also..lol.. Its hard to put Gladstone in a specific genre due to it having so many different aspects to the book. Western, sci-fi, action and adventure not to mention a slow building romance between the two main characters. I have so much fun writing the Gladstone books and I think that’s the biggest part of writing. Write because its fun to do and the enjoyment you get from it.


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