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Carroll M. Helm spent over 40 years in the field of education most recently retiring as Associate Professor of Education at Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, North Carolina. Belmont is a private, Catholic undergraduate institution. Prior to coming to Belmont, he was Associate Professor in the graduate program at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky; a private, Baptist college. Additionally, he taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Tusculum College in Greeneville, Tennessee and East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Helm held positions as a teacher, principal, director of special education and director of pupil personnel in the area of public education, and served as dean of a community college off-campus center. He holds an earned doctorate from East Tennessee State University, a master’s in educational administration from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and a bachelor’s of science degree in psychology from Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee.

Helm published articles in the Journal of Educational Research, Middle School Journal, The Clearing House for Educational Publications and The Journal of Educational Leadership. His current academic research interests focus on teacher dispositions and their effects on student self-esteem. Closely related is his interest in identifying and assessing leadership dispositions, and their possible effects on teacher effectiveness and morale. He is a prolific reader and researcher specializing in biographies, psychology, philosophy, history, theology and biblical studies.

Helm became a Christian at the age of twelve. Having an interest in history and biblical studies from his early college days at Lee and Carson-Newman College, he taught the men’s Bible class at his local church for many years. He has three children, Scott, Lucas and Lydia, and five grandchildren. Lucas was lost in a car accident in February of 2003, and that tragic event set in motion a deeper reflection on the paradoxical issues of life resulting in the writing of Divine Paradoxes: Looking Through the Glass, Darkly. He resides with his wife Edna in Mount Holly, North Carolina.

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Interview with Author

What was your inspiration for writing this book?

Inspiration comes in many ways and many forms. My book begins with questions—questions I asked God after the death of my son Lucas in a car accident. The answers never came in direct ways but something extraordinary occurred in the fall of 2008. As I describe in the book, I was drying my hair one cool morning and applied the warm air from the hair dryer to the fogged mirror. My image started to become clearer and clearer as the warm air reached the cool, moist glass. At that very moment a verse of scripture came so vividly to my mind, I could almost hear myself repeating the words. “For now we see but a poor reflection in the mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now we know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” This happens to be I Corinthians 13:12, the love chapter of the Bible.

God knew how much I loved Lucas and I began to feel he was giving me a message that some of the answers to my questions lay in this verse of scripture. I was drawn to the concept of the paradox—the apparent contradictions found in most of life’s difficult questions. As I continued to research I found many paradoxes in the concepts of good and evil. Delving deeper, I found that most world views were either rooted in faith-based perspectives or natural world perspectives.

Then I was introduced to Hermes Tristmegistus. Hermes embodies the entire world-view of a man-based, worldly, natural sciences perspective. Man has the ability within himself to become God by applying the 7 Hermetic Principles, opposite of becoming a child of God through the Christian faith-based perspective. God showed me that what I needed was more of His wisdom; then I could begin to understand some of the questions I had asked when Lucas died.

What do you want readers to remember about your book?

1. God is faithful to give His children comfort in times of extreme sadness and heartache.
2. The deep mysteries of life usually contain some form of paradox.
3. The paradox can be seen clearly in the age-old struggle between good and evil. Good and evil contain numerous paradoxes related to the struggle between the metaphysical forces of God and His angels, and Satan with his demons.
4. Numerous world-views exist, but the predominant opposing views are a faith-based perspective, and one that believes man has the ability to solve all paradoxes using the forces of natural law.
5. The occult and most secret societies have taken their belief systems from the ancient, secret mysteries of Hermes Tristmegistus and the mystery schools of Egypt.

What is the most controversial aspect of your book?

The most controversial aspect is the premise that Hermes Tristmegistus’ seven principles are the basis for the knowledge of the occult and secret societies.

Some statements about the Catholic Church may prove controversial with Catholics. Including Freemasons in the group of secret societies will prove controversial.

What themes in your book do you believe are relevant to current events, society, or life in general?

My book is particularly relevant to today’s society in view of the current interests in the occult, demonology, witchcraft, vampires and the walking dead. People seem to be fascinated in the power behind the characters that play the roles in television and movies. It is also a fascination in the video-game industry.

Serious minds seek to understand the past in light of the new discoveries being uncovered in the Judean desert and other parts of the world. They want to understand antiquity and what cultures believed in the past. A recent find in Israel uncovered a carved stone with an ancient curse placed on it by someone who was in a legal argument with the cursed. This has brought international interest. People in general are interested in mysteries.

Stories are trending now regarding demonology. A story is circulating about a widow who did not know her husband was involved in the occult and demon worship. He had been dead 15 years before she discovered his alter to Satan and other occult paraphernalia in a detached garage. Other stories deal with the demonic behaviors of some groups.

Christians need to be more alarmed by their lack of understanding of their faith and how to combat the world view of modern intellectual hermeticists. The new world order is working hard to desensitize the hearts of true believers by making them think these horrible things are nothing but fun.

Archeologists are continuing to unearth ancient cities and temples as well as finding the same under the sea. TV shows portray witches, vampires, walking dead, and the paranormal as if they are a normal part of our society. Books by Dan Brown also highlight the hidden knowledge in his books, the da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and National Treasure. Television shows regularly deal with ancient aliens and un-identified flying objects (UFO’s).

Is your book based on your own life in any way?

It is a personal journey to finds answers to a number of questions after the death of my son, Lucas.

How does your book differ from others out in the market?

This book is like no other because it is a journey into the deeper mysteries of God in order to understand the tragic death of my son. I wanted answers and to see clearly, but God gave me the example of the misted glass, and showed me some things will be revealed to the wise, but others will be misted until we are ready for the clear picture. Waiting for clarity requires faith.

Hermetic philosophy says you can have it all now by applying the seven principles of Hermes. There are books about single, deep paradoxes, scientific paradoxes and books that discuss the paradox in a light-hearted manner. This book is a blend of understandable insights into the mysteries of God, and a historical review as revealed by the paradox. It shows Christians how to identify deceptive philosophies in the world today, much like Paul warned the Corinthians and Colossians in the New Testament. By knowing how Satan is using ancient Hermetic principles within the New Age movement and secret societies, Christians will be able to avoid being deceived by the new world order and its leaders as they are able to compare their faith with a secular world view.

Readers will take away from this book a clearer understanding of how the Church and occult knowledge progresses side-by-side through history. The main protagonists will be identified as the forces of good and the forces of evil. Good will be represented by Christianity and evil will be represented by the occult doctrines of Hermes Tristmegistus. Paul warned the early Christians to beware of worldly philosophies and principles of natural law. The paradox here is that sometimes natural law can be good if applied in the right way, while the church demonstrated oppression and evil at certain points in its history. Christ would hardly recognize the church today compared with how He left it over 2000 years ago.

Tell us about the novel you are working on now?

It is my longest and most difficult novel. The theme is America itself and how far we have drifted from the intentions of the Founders. How modernity – technology has played such a large part in removing us from who we are and the dissolution of our communities and our values.


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