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David deCalesta, writing as David Caradoc, was a professional wildlife biologist for 45+ years working as a university professor, Forest Service scientist, and wildlife consultant.  He began writing his first novel (Reunited) in 1981 following a chance encounter with an old high school sweetheart and after attending his 25th high school reunion in 1985. 

His generation, which came of age in the Camelot Years (1955-1965), witnessed incredible upheavals and times - the Kennedy administration & the Cold War, college, the Vietnam War, Woodstock, and subsequent high school reunions.  He is chronicling the Camelot generation in a pentalogy (www.reunions-pentalogy.com), of which Reunited is the first one completed.

Books by David deCalesta

Interview with Author

Why did you write Reunions?

Twenty-one years out of high school I had a chance encounter with an old girlfriend.  I ended up spending most of a day with her (platonically) helping her move her mom’s possessions out of an apartment.  I wrote a short story about it for some magazine like Women’s Day.  Sat on it until 25th high school reunion, when being reunited with my high school true love unlocked powerful emotions.  I literally went back in time to all the old feelings. So I wrote about it.

How is your book different from other reunion-themed books?

The genre typically gets old boyfriend/girlfriend couples back together in and out of bed.  That’s not what I wrote about.  I wrote about resolution of old feelings, second chances, and things that tend to get in the way.  With a little intrigue thrown in.

Is Reunions stand-alone or is it part of a series?

Reunions is a five-part pentalogy, each installation chronicling a major period and defining events for the Camelot Generation - those who went to high school in the mid-late 50s.  A common thread is the relationship between two high school sweethearts, Zack and Corey.

What are the others?

In chronological order, the first one (Halcyon Days) is about high school in the mid-late 50s with all the freedoms and new experiences.  Ivy Green is about the college experience at an animal college (Dartmouth). Follow Me is about Vietnam and industrial greed and the discrepancies between the entitled elite (who profited from the war but took multiple dodges to avoid the draft) and exploited expendables (draftees) who were callously exposed to Agent Orange and weapons that were worthless (M-15 rifle) because of enormous profits. Reunions (actually Reunited, all books in the series are Reunions with sub-titles), is the current book.  The last book (Requited) ties up all the loose ends developed in the first four books and lets the readers know what finally became of Zack and Corey (hint: I am a fan of happy endings).

What’s the next one?

I wanted to complete the pentalogy in chronological order, starting with Halcyon Days.  But readers of Reunited (not many) have pestered me such that I might write the last installment next (Requited).

Working or Retired?

Retired but still working (writing novels, technical books, and technical papers for scientific journals). I live in Crossville, some distance from Knoxville (but wife loves to shop in Turkey Creek).



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