Danielle Asher

I have admired the Sunsphere since I was a youngster, when my family enjoyed the World’s Fair in 1982. Now I’ve lived in or near Knoxville for over a decade. I still feel uplifted and get that first-glimpse type of wonder when I see the Sunsphere from unique angles or in a different light.

Creating the book has been a joy from the start, when I showed pictures of the Sunsphere in hide-and-go-seek scenarios to my friends. They thought the photos were hilarious and I immediately thought, “I can do something with this.”

For several years I speed-walked and drove around Knoxville, taking pictures of the iconic landmark at every opportunity. It took a while because that whole making-a-living thing really cut into my free time.

Now I invite you to enjoy My Friend the Sunsphere. This is my vision of a child who befriends and interacts with the Sunsphere, sharing the fun with Mom and Dad who believe in and encourage the child’s imagination.

May you also be encouraged to follow your inspiration and create some unique adventures!

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