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Cheryl Campos is an eleventh generation South Louisiana native.  She attended Nicholls State University on an academic scholarship, majoring in history.  She later received her Master’s Degree from Tulane University, majoring in social work.  She was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers for many years, living and working throughout South Louisiana in Acadiana, along the bayous, in small rural communities and in the heart of New Orleans.  

She guest lectured at several universities and the Tulane Law Clinic.  She created and taught a course in business writing skills for professional adults.  She was the Director of Social Work Services at Charity Hospital in New Orleans when she retired in 2001 and maintained a private practice of social work until 2005, when she moved to East Tennessee following Hurricane Katrina. 

She is a widow with one daughter and three step-daughters.  Her hobbies include renovating her 70-year-old farmhouse and doing volunteer work in the community.  She has been writing since childhood, including an award-winning essay and a play that was staged in high school.  Charity Work, a (thus far) unpublished 200-year-history of social services at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, was written in 2001.  She has been researching and writing her own family history and genealogy for over twenty years.  That led to The Grandparent Tree, which was revised and re-published in 2015.  Treasure is her first work of fiction.

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Interview with Author

How did you get the idea for Treasure?

I’ve heard stories like this for years. People find family “junk” in the attic that’s worth a fortune.  A genuine Picasso in a flea market.  Treasure is similar to what actually happened to a friend of mine who lived in a large old house on River Road.  When his parents died, he was shocked to find he had inherited a historic plantation house that had been in the family for generations and assets worth millions.

Why do you call it a “history-mystery”?

This story is a blend of real history and a fictional family who lived just as a few of my own ancestors did, as wealthy plantation owners along River Road.  The “mystery” part is how the current generation has to try to make sense of the artifacts and documents they find, how they locate the hidden assets, the real dangers that wealth brings to their lives and the surprising things (good and bad) they learn about their family tree.

You describe how Hurricane Katrina hit South Louisiana in 2005. Were you there?

Yes.  I don’t know if anybody can adequately describe what the aftermath was like.  I still can’t read that chapter in the book without crying.  Just as New Orleans came back to life, so do the characters in Treasure.  The sequel is called The Prince of River Road, and it follows the lives of Savannah’s two children, Albert and Amy, who are then young adults.

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