Brooke Cox

I like to think of myself as an old tomboy who still has an overactive imagination. And like many authors, I am not afraid to wield it. I started doing that at a very young age. Before I learned how to read and write, I was “making-up” adventure stories. I continued writing until my teenage years. At that point, I wrote off and on until I had my daughter Sara. That’s when I realized writing was and is my calling.

Now I write in multiple genres. I have had poems and skits published. Also, I write humorous inspirational nonfiction articles for the paper, Historic Union County. I have amassed these articles into two books: Saucy Southern Stories Volumes I and II. Last year, I used two of the stories in the Jeannie Robertson comedy contest and made the first 3 cuts.

My first novel Deadly Doll was originally released in 2015. It was a 2016 Selah Awards Finalist for Debut Novel. Also, it earned recognition on the 2016 Inspy Mystery/Thriller long list. Recently, I retained my rights back on it and released it as Until the Moon Rises: A conniving Cousins Mystery with Thunder Ridge Publishing (TRP.)

My children’s book “Dinosaur Eggs” was also recently released. It is based on The Armor of God in Ephesians 6. I originally got the idea for it way back in 2007. I was walking with a friend when I saw some ornate landscaping rocks lying on top of a manhole lid. To my over-active imagination, it looked like a T-Rex’s nest. My friend just saw a bunch of strange looking rocks. My idea grew from that into a short story with a teenage female protagonist into a children’s book with a younger male character. Don’t worry, he has a very smart and brave female friend who helps him defeat the T. Rex.

My latest adventure is into storytelling.