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The Clampton family was typical of many families in the northwest Alabama town of Carmichael. They lived in a rusting mobile home beside a kudzu jungle that constantly tried to overtake their humble homestead. They all worked for low wages in the Southern Comfort Manufacturing plant just outside of town. Bonnie and Luther Clampton realized that their dream for a better life rested on their youngest son. Mark Allen ignored the taunting of his older brothers and studied the kudzu vine that was steadily consuming the southern states. Soon, he became the recognized authority on the invasive threat. It was Mark Allen who found himself facing a life and death decision that would save his brother’s life and lift the family out of poverty or condemn him to an unthinkable end. The family struggled to stay united in adversity and in the end showed the world the true meaning of redneck love and success.

Available in: paperback (5-3/8×8-3/8, 284 pages) $14.95

Also available on Kindle and e-book.

BJ Gillum King of the Kudzu


The story of protagonist Yancy Eldon Scarbro’s evolution from raw high school underachiever and eastern Kentucky redneck into a secret anti-terrorism agent for a special unit of the U.S. Marine Corps. The story unfolds in 2029 following the losses of the Washington Monument and Golden Gate Bridge to terrorist assaults and after two additional presidential faces have been chiseled into Mount Rushmore. Two parallel lives evolve in the cauldron of the Middle East where Arabic terrorist trainees emerge with new and horrific weapons they intend to use to bring the United States to her knees. Their ultimate goal is to allow the radical Islamists to rise to worldwide power. Radical surgery is used to facilitate use of the secret weapons by the terrorists who meld into the fabric of the U.S. population in order to remain in sleeper cells until the time is right to strike. Special Agent Scarboro loses his status as unattached bachelor when he meets a sensual nurse while on a mission to locate and neutralize the terrorists before they can complete their jihad.

Available in: paperback (5-3/8×8-3/8, 284 pages) $14.95

Also available on Kindle and e-book.

BJ Gillum The Reluctant Terrorist


A dedicated public servant A powerful religious leader and the secret militias. A gay biker combat battalion from San Francisco. Combat ready up-armored RV’s. Secret computer technology. All of them clash over an explosive national issue – Evolution VS Intelligent Design. Can they decide the question once and for all time on the plains outside Dayton, Tennessee – home of the famous Scopes Monkey Trial? Colonel Chris Lassiter (Ret) traded his military career for a less challenging job in the St. Louis school system. As guidance counselor and a firm believer in the theory of evolution, he had witnessed the emergence of an aggressive movement led by radical televangelist Reverend I. Timothy LaPorte II. The reverend, a firm believer in intelligent design, is a major proponent of establishing religious practices in public places. The two men have become leaders of their own national movements and militias in order to establish their own beliefs on a nationwide scale. A clash between the two opposites is inevitable.

** A unique look at a highly sensitive subject **

Available in: paperback (5-3/8×8-3/8, 284 pages) $14.95

Also available on Kindle and e-book.

BJ Gillum Darwins War

The Erectolite Affair is the story of Peter Swingsright, a black sheriff in the white southern town of Profit, Alabama, who must solve a series of mysterious deaths of prominent elderly male residents. Befriended by white County Coroner “Shorty Long”, a diminutive genius who has gained national fame as a forensic pathologist, he learns the deaths are drug-related. He pursues his quest through a devastating hurricane that sweeps in from the Gulf of Mexico, a heart-pounding encounter with the KKK, a gang of redneck ED drug manufacturers and a busload of angry civil rights activists from Birmingham. This mad-cap romp keeps the reader roaring with laughter until Sheriff Swingsright solves the crimes and finds romance. Deliciously spicy, unpredictable and sprinkled with belly laughs, this zany tale will entertain and keep you reading. Its double entendres and hidden meanings allow it to be read on more than one level.

Available in: paperback (5-3/8×8-3/8, 284 pages) $14.95

Also available on Kindle and e-book.

BJ Gillum The Erectolite Affair


Billie J. “B. J.” Gillum was born in a tiny log cabin in the wooded hills of northeastern Kentucky in 1938. His family moved out of the hills to a small Fleming County dairy and tobacco farm seventy miles to the west. There he learned the value and necessity of hard work and enjoyed the freedom of rural life. 

BJ Gillum and his wife Saundra purchased a 25 foot Bayliner Sierrra 2556 in Millsboro, Pennsylvania in 1994 and christened it the Saundra Kay. They cruised it down the Monongahela, Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee rivers to Rockwood Tennessee, where they planned to build their home in the near future.

They later took a pleasure cruise to Chattanooga, Tennessee and back, as a warm up for a major, month-long cruise to New Orleans and back. Captain Gillum kept meticulous logs of their adventures, and has compiled them into this entertaining, no-punches-pulled tale. The trips involved interesting characters, mishaps, and misadventures as they navigated through uncertain waters, stormy weather, and tricky lock systems along major waterways.

Available in: Paperback

Price: $15.00 (paperback only)

Size: 6x9

Pages: 242

Down the Rivers on a Chainsaw - BJ Gillum



Tillery Vargas, intelligent, attractive, divorced and bored, lives with her mother in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia. Her aspirations of writing a best-selling novel were crushed after three of her manuscripts were rejected. She abandoned her dream and took a position with a popular women’s magazine published in downtown Atlanta. On her way home to celebrate a promotion at work, she stopped at a local Wal-Mart where tragedy struck. Her ordeal lead to unbelievable horrors at the hands of a deranged drifter. The news coverage of her abduction and rescue in a daring raid by a local sheriff’s department brought her sudden fame. Tillery’s dreams of writing and romance were rekindled in this new reality by handsome police detective Joe Dillard.

Available in: paperback (5-3/8×8-3/8, 284 pages) $14.95

Also available on Kindle and e-book.


BJ Gillum Best Seller List

Young newspaper reporter, Colette Withers, witnessed a horrific act she was not supposed to see and instantly became the target of a corrupt county judge, an unscrupulous sheriff and a greedy developer. Fearing for her life, she fled and found refuge with new found friends in Atlanta’s literati high society. Handsome private detective Brad Johnston, hired to protect her, challenged Colette’s innocence and forced her to choose between bittersweet revenge and her heart’s desire. Forget-Me-Not is the story of how friendships changed a wounded and bitter heart into one of forgiveness and love. A compelling revelation of how murder, intrigue, humor and romance mingled in tiny Milton, Alabama.

Available in: paperback (5-3/8×8-3/8, 284 pages) $14.95

Also available on Kindle and e-book. 

BJ Gillum Forget-me-not

Books by BJ Gillum

Interview with Author BJ Gillum

Why did you choose to write Forget-Me-Not as a mystery instead of some other genre?

Although there is romance and humor woven throughout the story there was always the question of an unpunished murder committed by ruthless men who manipulated the innocent to serve their purposes. That wouldn’t end satisfactorily until it was solved and justice served.

How does your mystery Forget-Me-Not differ from other mysteries?

This story allows the reader to feel the inner motivations of the victims and villains equally.

How do your characters in Forget-Me-Not differ from characters in other mysteries?

I think all human characteristics and motivations are very similar and are molded by circumstances and environmental factors largely uncontrollable by themselves. My protagonist is motivated by fear and a need for justice. She is able to achieve her goals by associating with people who befriend her. Believe in her cause and eventually facilitate her success. I’m not sure this deviates from the norm. 

Describe your main character, Colette Withers.

Colette is a cub reporter beginning her first real job. She is ambitious and willing to work hard to prove she is more than capable. Her ambition burns within her and she is anxious to prove herself when through no fault of her own she feels her life threatened and must flee to survive.

Will there be a sequel to Forget-Me-Not?

There certainly could be because she is still young and just reaching her peak professionally when the book ends. Funny, I’ve never looked at it as a candidate for a sequel.

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06 February 2015
Tips & Hints

A thriller is a story about a large poisonous spider you’ve been trying to kill for weeks (nobody believes there actually is one) that suddenly drops onto your face in the middle of a dark night; you lose control of bodily functions and scream uncontrollably because you’re alone and you can’t defend yourself since you are a quadriplegic from Afghanistan war wounds. Your new Medal of Honor still hangs around your neck where President Obama placed it earlier today in a tearful ceremony before TV cameras and a sobbing audience. Tension is made higher because you are now in a sound-proofed dressing room and a noisy Mick Jagger concert is in full swing in the next room beyond the one-way mirrored wall of the White House theater. With your remaining one good eye, you notice there are young spiders clinging all over the back of the large one that is now devouring your face. That is a thriller.

A mystery is a story about discovering how it got into the room by using clever techniques as employed by detectives or forensic pathologists, or as in the case of the spider attack, exterminators. A grinding, painstaking process that progresses like molasses in December until finally the obvious is observed. A badge of honor for the passionately detail-oriented late-night reader. NEVER read the last two pages of one of these before reading the entire book from front to back!

There are many authors who write novels that are cross-genre. For example, combine the two examples above and voila – cross genre! Even Mother Goose rhymes like Little Miss Muffett. It was a short biography until the spider came along and changed it to a thriller. That is cross-genre! If it had bitten her that would have become a Horror genre. If it had tried to take liberties with her, it would have become an erotica genre, depending on how the writer explained the details of the attack. -By BJ Gillum – Author of a series of humorous books

Cautionary Note: These are the opinions of this writer only and should not be taken as arachnophobic views nor are they authentic or representative of the official view of the Authors Guild of TN.

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