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Adele A. Roberts was born in a small town in Western Michigan. After graduating from high school she continued her education and received a B.A. in education, an M.A. in counseling and a CDA in early childhood development. She created the character of Sammy over forty years ago, and began telling her make-believe stories to her students.

She started writing the first story of Sammy when a young student asked if there was a book about the little skunk. Although it wasn’t a priority at the time to write stories, she finished part of the first story and set it aside. Years later she found the old cardboard box containing the aged, colored papers of her first story. It was at this time she realized she needed to complete the task she had begun so many years before.

Adele presently lives in Oliver Springs, TN with her husband. They have one son who is the founder and director of the Kids4truth International Bible Clubs that teach Bible doctrine to children K thru 6th grade. His website is kids4truth.com.

Books by Adele A. Roberts

Interview with Author

What age group are your books written for?

They are written for ages five through ten years old.

Would a younger child of let’s say, three or four, enjoy and understand the books by looking at them?

The books are not picture books. There are illustrations for each story but my intent was to create stories that parents would enjoy reading to their children. I wanted children to use their imaginations as they enter what I call the “deep woods”, and meet the animal friends of Sammy the skunk.

How many animal characters do you write about?

Fourteen different animals are mentioned amongst the twelve stories. The personalities are developed as the adventures happen. A few of the animals are; Mr. and Mrs. Owl; Mr. Fox; Miss Deer; Dr. Raccoon; Dr. Opossum;, Little Six, the rabbit, and the bear family.

Do you have a favorite story?

Actually I don’t. Each story has been fun to write and some include an educational fact. For instance, Sammy explains what a book is to Mr. and Mrs. Owl. In another story Sammy explains to the animals what a dentist is. Mr. Owl tells Mrs. Owl why and how a tornado develops. However, I do enjoy the story about Mrs. Porcupine losing all her quills because of worry and stress. The condition was known as quil-la-ti-tus-i-tus.

Is there any continuity between book one and book four?

There are three complete stories in each book. Each story follows a sequence of events that happened in the previous story. It begins with Sammy entering the deep woods, and the last story, in book four, ends with Sammy saying goodbye to all of his animal friends as winter approaches.

Do you plan on writing more stories about Sammy?

Books five and six have already been written.

What are your future plans for the books?

The children’s director at a public library told me there are books being published today that she would not let her own children look at, let alone read. I would like parents to know my books are fun to read for the entire family without the violence and distorted characters that are in so many books today. My plan is to work as hard as I can to let parents know about my books!

My Latest Blogs

20 March 2018
Short Stories

When a school year ended, I would give my ‘farewell’ speech to the children and we’d say our ‘goodbyes’. I would line the children up by the door and as they left I would give each a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. Many would walk down the hall and turn and say, “See you next year!” These were precious moments.

One year a boy dodged my kiss. It didn’t bother me for he was ‘all boy’ and I knew he felt it was silly for a teacher to do this. He quickly walked out the door and down the hall.

I didn’t think much of the incident but I remembered and wondered if I had embarrassed others by a ‘little good-bye kiss’. From that time on, at the end of a school year, I would shake the hands of the boys and give the girls a little hug.

Many years went by. My son was in college and I was no longer teaching. One day I talked it over with my husband and decided to get a job. I wanted to see if there was something available for me that I would enjoy besides teaching. I went to a Temp service for a job.

I had always been a good typist and when I was given an interview and a typing test, the interviewer was amazed that I was the first one who had ever typed without a mistake!

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18 July 2017
Short Stories

Every house has a story doesn’t it? Within the walls of each room are hidden the thoughts, desires, pain and love of those who lived there. A house may look like any other, but the people that live within are what make it unique.  People can have wonderful memories that they will always cherish about their childhood home or homes, and some have memories that they want to forget. I am going to tell you about my home in Montague, Michigan.  


Our home on Williams Street was purchased as a gift for my father and mother from my grandfather.  I was told that the home cost thirteen hundred dollars.


I never knew my grandfather, but heard about him through the stories that my father told.

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18 July 2017
Short Stories

Jim wrote us frequently telling us where he was.  We had just gotten a letter where he said he was stationed at Darmstadt, Germany and was to be transferred to Rhein-Main Air base at Frankfurt, and was scheduled to leave for Adana, Turkey in the coming days.  In this letter he told us that he would be flying on a C-130 cargo plane.  Of course, he told us no other details of his obligations. The letter was put away with others he had written.


My father was quiet during supper time on September 3rd, 1958.  We ate and then he looked at me and told me to get the last letter Jim had written.  I got the letter, and he went into the living room and came back with the evening paper.


My father asked me to read the letter out loud.  I thought this all to be very strange, yet the seriousness of the tone of my father’s voice made me believe it was extremely important. I read the letter and put it on the table and then waited for my father’s response.

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26 May 2017
Short Stories

My father answered something like this, “He is proud to be an American.  The flag represents our country and all that it stands for. It is a symbol of freedom and for the sacrifices that men have given for that freedom. You don’t have to salute when you see it, but always put your hand over your heart out of respect for our country.”

My father was a World War I veteran and lived to be 97 years old. There was one story I loved to hear him tell.

During World War I he was ready to be shipped out to France when his ship was sabotaged in the harbor of New York.  He remembered the total confusion – the darkness – his buddies that were hurt and asking for help. There didn’t seem to be any way out and he knew the ship was sinking. There was a stairway that the men needed to find to get to the deck, but being pitch dark, no one seemed to know just where it was.  Dad said there was a sudden feeling of helplessness. Then my father remembered he had found a box of matches earlier that day. He reached into his pocket, took them out and as he lit one match at a time there was enough light for the men to find their way out.  Dad was a hero and lives were saved because of a box of matches!

I am so proud to be an American.  There are many today that have yet to understand the sacrifices men and women have taken to make our country the greatest place to live in the world.


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11 May 2017

I wish God’s blessings for you always.


I wish your faith in God will remain strong and unwavering.


I wish I were younger and could do what I once could.

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11 May 2017
Short Stories

Dad always told us to take a flashlight along. It was used for light but could also be used for a type of protection.

One beautiful moonlight night mom and I took off. We walked a couple blocks down to White Lake and admired the reflection of the moon on it. Then we continued down the Old Channel Trail. (Places in Montague, MI)

She and I were quietly walking along when we heard footsteps in back of us. We both looked around and saw a man. He was walking quite fast so mom said to speed up. She thought he would be turning into one of the houses on Old Channel Trail but he just kept coming. Now mom held on tight to the flashlight. I knew she would use it as a club if she had to.

She whispered, “We’re going to go up to the next house and pretend it is ours.” Then very loudly she said, “I’M SO GLAD WE’RE HOME! I KNOW YOUR FATHER IS WAITING FOR US. I’LL TAKE THE KEYS OUT AND OPEN THE DOOR!”

We boldly walked onto the porch and mom pretended she had the house key in her hands and was putting it into the keyhole of the door. The man continued to follow us, came onto the porch, and we were now standing face to face with him. Then he spoke, “Good evening ladies. This is MY HOUSE - but you’re welcome to come in.”

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19 April 2017
Short Stories

My dad was a very kind and understanding man. I don’t ever remember him getting real angry. When there was something that bothered me, he would say, “Remember Adele, things will turn out in the wash. Worry never solves a problem.”  For ninety-seven years he lived by those self-made rules.

There was one special occasion where my father helped me make a very important decision in my life.

I was going to college and a class I had enrolled in was very difficult for me. I decided to drop out. However, the timing wasn’t exactly right and I received an F. It would be a permanent mark on my academic record.  I was naturally discouraged and went out on the front porch where all problems seemed to be solved. I sat there thinking about what I was going to do. Dad saw me and quietly came out on the porch and pulled up a lawn chair next to me.

He asked me what I was thinking and what I was feeling. I explained to him that I would forever have an ‘F’ on my college record and I was humiliated.

He asked me a question, “What do you plan to do about this, Adele?”

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23 March 2017
Short Stories

Once there, Dad held my hand as we approached the elevator. It opened and a man asked my dad, “What floor please.” Dad answered, “Where the books are.”

When we arrived at the appropriate floor the elevator door opened and we had to walk a little ways before we came to the book department. I had never seen so many books in one place.

Dad watched me as I took one book and looked at it, then another, then another. I wanted to read all of them but could only glance through them. These books were for sale, and I knew that dad could not afford to buy me one. I also knew it would be unfair for me to ask. I enjoyed the time just looking.

As we were about to leave, dad smiled at me and said, “I want you to find a book that you’d like. It will be my present to you. I want you to take good care of it. Can you do that?”

I couldn’t believe my ears! A book just for me! Dad told me to take my time and find just the one I wanted. I glanced through many books and then came across a small blue book called, ‘Mother West Wind’s Animal Friends’, by Thornton W. Burgess.

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06 February 2015
Tips & Hints

When I arrived at the store I was asked what I wanted. Without hesitation, I replied, “My mother would like a pound and a half of bologna sliced thin, and charge it please!” He looked at me questioningly but took the large bulk bologna out of the meat case, and started to cut. He kept cutting more and more and as I pressed my nose up against the meat case to watch him, I saw all the bologna that he was cutting. I knew immediately I had made a terrible mistake. I didn’t know what to do so I just continued watching him. My heart was beating fast as he wrapped up the meat and handed me a very huge package. He wrote up the charge slip and gave it to me. I quickly put it into my pocket. “Oh dear, I thought to myself, what am I going to do with all this meat?”

On the way home I noticed a tired old dog sitting under a tree. He was panting and as I approached him his tail began wagging. “Poor old dog. I bet you are hungry. You’d like to have some of my bologna wouldn’t you?” I was almost ready to give him some when I realized I had the charge slip in my pocket. Mother would surely know. I walked toward home very slowly with my huge package of bologna, not looking forward to what my mother would say.

When mother saw me she gasped, “What in the world do you have there?” Tears streamed down my cheeks as I handed her the large package of bologna. Mother looked at it and lovingly said, “Well, we’ll have a week of bologna! I can make bologna sandwiches, ground bologna, and anything else I can think of that has bologna in it!

Mother wasn’t angry with me. She actually laughed about it. I learned one thing that day. There was a big difference between a half pound and a pound and a half!

Well, that is just one of my childhood memories! Have a great day and perhaps you can

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06 February 2015
Tips & Hints

“Today we are going to visit the dump”, my father said as he smiled at us and coyly looked at my mother. Mother had a disgusted look on her face. “Can’t you think of somewhere else to take the children?” My father quickly remarked, “Oh, there are treasures at the dump, and we are going to find them! We’ll come back with something you will really like. You wait and see.”

Mother insisted that we wear boots, and once we had the proper attire, we climbed in the car and headed off for our adventure at the dump.

Dad had a big stick which he used to dig through the ‘trash’. He uncovered broken toys, dishes, old broken furniture and then he came upon the treasure. “Here – this is what we need!” Dad pointed to something and then walked hurriedly over to a pile of old bricks. It was as if he needed to claim them before someone else saw this treasure too. He quickly gave us instruction. “You children take a couple of bricks at a time and put them in the car”.

Now we knew that dad had an idea and a plan for those bricks. We didn’t know what it was but whatever it was, we knew that dad would not disappoint us.

“We’re going to make an outdoor fireplace with these bricks”, said my father. “By tonight we will have it built and have an outdoor picnic around our campfire. How would you like that?” he asked.

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