By: Jim Hartsell on Thursday, 23 July 2020

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New Essay on My Podcast

After reading two of my books on my podcast, I took a few months off, but today I added an essay; you can listen to it here. The subject may be a difficult one for some (the shooting at my church in 2008) so use your own discretion.


  • Cheryl Peyton says:

    I read your account of the church shooting in one of your books, but this telling moved me again. You told it simply using your personal remembrance of images, without embellishment, so readers felt we were there. You didn’t explain what was happening because you couldn’t make sense of it at the time. There were only disconnected sounds and images — gun shots, screams, people gathering outside, the police taking away someone. That’s what a senseless shooting is: moments of shock, fright, and unbearable loss. Thank you for sharing.

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